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by: Fern Michaels              

Publisher: Kensington  

Published: April 12, 2012        

Format: Paperback (288 pages)      

ISBN: 9780758266042            

Series: The Godmothers

Origin: Publisher

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

President, John F. Kennedy and the Godmothers—Toots, Sophie, Ida, and Mavis plus pooch, Coco—come together laying to rest the most debated, conspiracy driven mystery of modern history.  Although the masses will never see a newspaper headline about it, for the first Lady of California it’s solved.

Back at the beach house, another mystery unfolds.

Toots’ “son” famous entertainment attorney, Chris Clay goes missing along with his client, Laura Leigh.  Once a Hollywood auto-mechanic turns Chris’s car over to the police, Chris goes from wanted for questioning to suspect in no time.

Chris Clay’s stepsister is Toots’ daughter and she has an obligation to her gossip magazine to follow this story no matter how it turns out.  However, Abby’s heart isn’t into this gossip.  To live in a town where looks are everything is hard, but it’s not as hard as wondering, if the man you love lay helpless or worse or if he’s stepping out with the missing starlet.  

Meanwhile, Toots knows Chris would not leave them to worry; he would’ve contacted them, if he were able.  Without the spirits talking, Toots doesn’t wait until divine intervention reveals itself.  She contacts Goebel Blevins.  

Goebel is a former New York detective who didn’t flinch at following the advice of a spirit to find Toots’ husband’s murderer.  Being more than friendly with Sophie these days, he is well aware of their spirit talking, corpse cosmetics, and body dressing ways.  His thirty years experience may help whatever the spirits care to add.  

Toots’ worry doesn’t end with Chris.  

No matter how much her daughter tries to guard her heart, this mother knows Abby’s in love, and Toots suspects Chris is feeling something too.  Though youth comes with perks, it also has its drawbacks. These two haven’t declared their feelings and Toots worries they may not get the chance.  


My Take:

In Fern Michael’s DEADLINE, you’ll meet four seniors with curious quirks, a ton of paranormal experiences, deadly duties, and a whole lot of funny. Many Fern Michael’s fans know her suspense titles but the Godmother series is a major step in a new direction and Fern Michael’s pulls it off with mystery and panache.  

The Godmother series is more like the Golden Girls in the dead and paranormal worlds.   Instead of Blanche, you’ll meet Ida, and Mavis could surely pass for Rose.  You will enjoy this cute read where corpses, mystery, and seances blend with normal life for the Godmothers. 

Although this title stands alone, you will want to catch some of the other Godmother books including, EXCLUSIVE (Kensington -reprint- 2010), LATE EDITION (Kensington 2011), and THE SCOOP (Zebra -reprint- 2012) until BREAKING NEWS releases in May 2012  (Kensington).  

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