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Book Review: THE WORLD BENEATH by Rebecca Cantrell

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Published: January 10, 2014

Format: ebook (315 pages)

Series: Joe Tesla 

Origin: Recommendation

***Though the author provides the free ebook, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Most would agree that Joe Tesla is a successful millionaire.  After all, his company made today’s facial recognition abilities possible, but Joe’s success seems to have become stymied by fear. Those who know Joe know he doesn’t relent to people or governmental agencies, but those who know Joe, now, call him everything but brave.

Joe doesn’t even understand how this happened. 

One day he was normal and one morning he was too scared to go outside. The doctors call it one thing while his former colleagues call it something totally different. Unfortunately, he agrees with most of them, during most times. 

Agoraphobia is known to occur, but it didn’t occur to him until one day, after one night, a couple of drinks, and a government agency fight later.  He’s been trying to piece out this puzzle, but he’s also been learning to adjust to life inside and outside his old Victorian home.  Joe’s Victorian is a home inside one of the many connected underground tunnels of New York City.  It’s owned by a family friend of his and much to her brother’s dismay, Joe stays here.  There are many secrets held in these tunnels and with his penchant for a puzzle he puts things together to distract him from the knot in his mind barring him from the world outside.  He often studies and explores these amazing places.

At least, he did until he meets Subject 523, known also as Rebar.  

It was kind of normal to meet strange people underground, and Rebar seemed to be some form of military by stance and speech but one look at this man labeled him homeless.  However, he wasn’t just down here looking for a place to stay, this man was taking down a tunnel wall by sledgehammer, and the pieces he already removed seemed to expose yet another part of the tunnel.  This man was so intent on his task he didn’t mind Joe watching him.  Also, when the wall fell, he wasn’t at all surprised by his discovery.  On the other hand, Joe’s astonishment leads Rebar to realize Joe wasn’t in on it with him and up comes the hammer.  Joe takes off running. 

What Joe Tesla couldn’t know was that his nightmare of running doesn’t end, it just stops for a bit and reloads.  Like in some gamer’s paradise, at every turn, something else is to happen and others will join in the fun.  

The rest of this nightmare begins when Joe Tesla couldn’t just forget about what he saw in that exposed wall.  He went back to poke around, but discovered his former threat as demolished as those bricks, and a new threat sends Joe and his dog Edison running for their lives, with even more questions.

How many people know of this secret?  How many of them want Joe dead?

My Take:

THE WORLD BENEATH by Rebecca Cantrell is a heart-pounding thriller with an infective puzzle!

Rebecca Cantrell brings to life the amazing world beneath the sidewalks of New York. Her character, Joe Tesla, is a down-to-earth computer geek who struck it rich but maintains his giving heart; his kindness and affection for people shows through in all of what he does, while his resourcefulness will astound you.  Joe doesn’t need his wallet to solve a problem, his brain doesn’t work that way.  Give the guy a can of beer and some Wi-Fi, and he could literally change he way you see the world around you.  He uses his powers for good not evil, even though everything he does is not exactly lawful.

Joe Tesla lives the story of many, but his world holds more dangers than these panic attacks induce.  With him and Edison, you’ll be racing the clock to find answers that can save thousands of lives, but his adversaries come out of the walls within the ranks of government bureaucracy, having more pull than any imagination could muster.

Rebecca Cantrell’s THE WORLD BENEATH is a virtual page-turner!


Book Review: IMPULSE (FACES OF EVIL) by Debra Webb

Publisher: Forever (Grand Central Publishing imprint of Hachette Book Group)

Published: March 26, 2013

Format: Paperback (268 pages)

Series: Faces of Evil Series

Origin: Publisher through NetGalley, (eGalley) 

***Though the publisher provides the free ebook, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

FBI Profile Agent Jess Harris is returning to Birmingham, although she’s coming back with her tail between her legs.  

In her last case, she was disgraced, played a fool, and more doubts about the motive behind her mistakes are about to surface.  Unfortunately, the good rapport she had with supervisor, Gant seems strained beyond repair in the FBI, and a new relationship with an old flame, soon to be new boss, might mix business with pleasure only to create more career decreasing issues.  

However, Jess Harris and her problems are really just only beginning.

One of the main suspects of her last case, Eric Spears, has been cleared and is considering filing charges against her.  His claims are coming up startling true when nothing is the truth. And no matter how many times the FBI insists Eric Spears is not the sadistic murderer known as the Player, Jess knows that he is exactly that, until the murders begin here in Birmingham and Spears whereabouts is confirmed to be miles and miles away.  

Now, everything Jess knew she is calling into to question, and she chooses to not get fired by the FBI.  Instead, she resigns, accepts her former lover’s proffered position in the Birmingham Police Department—despite the eye stares the rest of the BPD is throwing her way. This department needs her profiling skills, and a new friend from the force needs her help. The Player has taken Detective Lori Wells, and the investigation has grown to include a joint task force of the FBI and other law enforcement agencies, complicating the already complicated relationships further.  

Once another woman is discovered tortured and barely alive, Jess knows exactly what will happen to her friend, Detective Wells.  

However, the next victim could have been Jess’s sister or her niece, and she can’t get them to leave town even after another woman’s dead body is discovered.   Jess is becoming increasingly fearful the Player will kill all the people in her life.  

Should she leave to keep them safe?  Or should she stay to help bring down this sicko?


My Take:

IMPULSE (Faces of Evil series) by Debra Webb is a thrilling read!

Debra Webb has created characters you’d love to get to know, combined them into a story that don’t quit, but adds more twists than the reader will ever think of.   I did enjoy getting to know Jess Harris and her old flame, Police Chief Dan Burnett.  These two go through periods of pulling away and betraying their logic by getting closer, but it’s the ending where they maybe figure out a logical way together.  Maybe.

However, I must give a warning.  This read contains much graphic, gratuitous violence perpetrated by the most perverse, sadomasochistic killer.

Debra Webb’s IMPULSE (FACES of Evil series) is a standalone novel that will keep you up late nights and have you wonder about the person standing beside you on the bus the very next day.  Meanwhile, you will hurry to get the other books in the Faces of Evil Series including OBSESSION (Forever 2013), POWER (Forever 2013) until the new series books are published later this year titled RAGE (Forever 2013), REVENGE (Forever 2013), and RUTHLESS (Forever 2013).  


by: Nancy Bush              

Publisher: Zebra (Kensington)  

Published: July 31, 2012        

Format: Paperback (384 pages)      

ISBN: 9780420125016                  

Origin: Publisher

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Liv Dugan’s life has been surrounded by mystery since childhood.  

Her mother committed suicide with Liv in the next room and her baby brother sleeping upstairs.  Her parents had a tumultuous relationship, but still in current day, her father resents Liv for having told the police about it.  However much harassment the police gave him over it, they really didn’t suspect her father.  They insisted that there was a mystery man in Deborah Dugan’s life who the police believe was connected to the dead woman found near the family home.  

The mystery of her mother’s death and life intensifies, when a law office contacts Liv.  

They have a packet for her and they’ve been directed to give to provide it, when she turned a certain age, by her deceased mother.  Once the envelope is received, her questions multiply. It contains information about Liv’s natural parents, but the need to find them was never something Liv developed. Despite how Liv struggled to forget the images of finding her mother hanging and the havoc it created in her family life, Liv must face the memories and the questions that have haunted her for years.  Why did her mother want her to have this now or at all? Who is this angry-faced mystery man in the picture with her mother—the one who was trying to take the camera?    

Liv visits her brother, Hague, and things go from bad to worse, when her he calls the stranger “zombie man”. That name was the same name he used with the police questioned her special needs brother after Deborah’s suicide.  Although they dismissed it as a childhood story, Liv never forgot it, and to hear him say it present day, she knows her mother didn’t commit suicide.  

Meanwhile, her brother is more connected to their father while Liv’s relationship with him and his next wife has always been strained, and their accidental meeting at her brother’s place goes as she would have expected.   Her father demands she stop stirring everyone up about a suicide that happen years ago, but Liv is more determined to find out what happened and refuses to back down.

Later, she finds out that one of the two people she speaks to at work will be let go by the end of the week.  

The boss’s son is a product of a bitter divorce and he’s the pawn they each use to make each other miserable.  She is trying to duck out of an uncomfortable conversation that he’s initiated by saying he’d like to keep a relationship with her after he leaves.  His disappointment at Liv reaction of wanting to be just friends shows, but Liv excuses herself for lunch.

She’s late returning and is expecting to be read the riot act, but finds the carnage of a mass shooting instead. Her usual paranoia drove her to believe this was all connected to her, her mother’s death, and the “zombie man”.  

Instead of calling the police, Liv listens to her inner voice.  She runs out, dashes home, and packs a bag.

While she sat in a coffee shop, two policemen enter.  Liv panics.  Quickly, she exits the shop then Liv jumps inside the first car she finds, pulls the gun she’d brought for protection, and begins ordering the man to drive.  

Not knowing where to go the only thing Liv knows is that she can’t stay here . . . 

My Take:

In NOWHERE TO RUN by Nancy Bush, you’ll find a captivating read!  Nancy Bush does an excellent job of building tension into a suspenseful, complex thriller.  

From the outset, I felt compassion for Liv Dugan.  Her childhood trauma left her a damaged young woman who still fights the overwhelming emotions of the young child who found her mother.  This tragedy leads to a fear of the police because the detective didn’t know how to handle a child differently than an adult interrogation.  Moreover, her father’s bitterness cut her to the quick during this time.  

Although NOWHERE TO RUN is a standalone novel, you’ll want to read some of Nancy Bush’s other titles such as HUSH (Zebra 2011), BLIND SPOT (Zebra 2010), and UNSEEN (Zebra 2009) until NOWHERE TO HIDE releases in August 2012! 


by: Vicki Hinze

Publisher: Multnomah Books

Published: February 21, 2012

Format: Paperback (336 pages)

ISBN: 9781601422071

SERIES: Crossroads Crisis Center

Origin: Publisher

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Nuptials are interrupted by a gas attack leaving one dead, and the wedding cake decoration had the groom removed. How did NINA perpetrate this attack right under everyone’s nose? 

The answer is beyond clear, but one thing is for sure; a trader is among them.  Betrayals, alliances, and fear all lead up to death, kidnapping, and torture. One of the wedding day survivors knows something awful is happening.  

Beth knows there’s something Sara isn’t saying, and her she’s acting more freaked out about her no good, husband’s whereabouts than of the attack that killed Clyde and left almost the whole town unconscious.  Robert’s probably having a fling in a hotel somewhere while Sara’s driving herself sick with worry.  Not only is she acting strange, Sara’s dressing strange.  Why this woman won’t take off an obviously painful pair of high heels, Beth just don’t know, but it’s most likely due to Robert’s tastes and influence.  

Over Robert these two women agree to disagree but mutual tensions over the marriage has taken its toll on the relationship.  Until Robert Tayton, Beth and Sara were closer than any blood siblings could be.  Sara’s parents died and Beth’s family grew to be Sara’s.  Jointly, they run their own successful firm, which contracts with many government agencies for software and assistance.    However, Robert has even seeped into their business life as he now occupies an office at SaBe.  

Notwithstanding, Sara’s cryptic messages and just plain lack of work inside the firm had brought Beth to a painful decision.  

Inside her briefcase, Beth is carrying legal paperwork to keep Robert out of the firm.  But when Sara’s spouse has been kidnapped, and the police suspect Beth of his disappearance, and Sara’s been hospitalized for a near fatal asthma attack, when is the right time to get it signed? Though she has a former Shadow Watcher on her side, Joe wasn’t something Beth could think about now.  He could have any woman he wanted and she didn’t want another broken heart, until Robert’s blood is found in quantities that spell death.  Is Beth going to be the main suspect of murder?

My Take:

NOT THIS TIME by Vicki Hinze is a suspenseful read!  

Between its pages you’ll find the thrill of suspense to keep you turning pages, a mystery you’ll want to solve, and a full romance you’ll want to see through to the end. 

Vicki Hinze’s characters draw from their faith, have flaws, and make you want to know more about how they got here and what came before this point in their lives.  This author’s backdrop of Seagrove Village is a far from the idealized setting of small towns, and you’ll find it fraught with international terror and murders.  Vicki Hinze uses prayer warriors, strong characters, and faith against a ring of terror.   She also demonstrates not everyone is all bad or all good and sometimes bad things happen but good can still come from it.

I enjoyed meeting Sara and Beth.  Sara’s fragility is endearing and her budding strength amazing.  However, Beth’s strong personality has it own flaws.  I watched her go from unmovable iron to a form of steel that can bend and from a woman who is scared of love to one finally accepting the gift.   The townspeople are a mix of personalities.  These folks will make you want to read the other books in the Crossroad Crisis Series to get to know the stories behind their stories.  

Although, NOT THIS TIME is a stand-alone novel, you will want to catch up with the other titles in the series, DEADLY TIES (Multnomah Books 2011) and FORGET ME NOT (Multnomah Books 2010). 

Through WaterBrook Multnomah’s Blogging for Books Program, I received this book for free in exchange my honest review.


by Melissa Foster

Publisher: Solstice Publishing

Published: March 22, 2012

Format: Paperback (408 pages)

Origin: Author

***Though the author provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Have you ever witnessed a child crying while getting in or out of a car seat?  Could you imagine how you would feel when that same child turns up dead?

Molly had a child to raise and a husband to enjoy but everything stopped for her with a newspaper headline. The child she saw fussing that day in Philadelphia had been abducted then killed.  

Molly’s son lost his mother. Cole lost his wife, and Molly nearly lost her mind. Guilt consumed her.  

CHASING AMANDA picks up Molly’s life eight years later in Boyds Maryland.  Her son, Erik, is in college, Cole has a practice in Boyds, and Molly is a stay-at-home wife. Her and her family’s battle had been long and hard, but the family unit grew strong.  Eventually, Molly came into acceptance that what happened to Amanda was not her fault, although Molly still needed to remind herself of that, sometimes.  

However, the peace she’s known in this small town comes crashing down around her once another child goes missing, and Molly’s visions even have her believing that she may be about to crack.  

Tracey Porter had played hide and seek, but something went horribly wrong.  

Determined not to have Tracey end up like Amanda, Molly tries to unravel her fleeting images and search for Tracey, but she begins to question her own motives, and her visions, while Cole begins to question his ability to stay in the relationship.  Cole accuses Molly of voluntarily going backward into the insanity of Philadelphia.  

Nearly obsessed with finding this child, Molly finds some of the people whom she’s known as good people seem suspect, now.  What is Hannah trying to hide in the ground?  Where does Pastor Lett go when she thinks nobody is watching?  Why does Newton plead with Molly to stay away from the old Perkinson House?  

The legacy of Boyds secrets become clear, when Molly learns about another young child, Kate Plummer, who went missing in much the same way, in around the same area, about twenty years earlier.  

Kate Plummer was never found. Who was the main suspect?  Pastor Letts’ younger brother, Rodney.

My Take:

CHASING AMANDA by Melissa Foster is a thriller! 

You’ll get caught up in Molly’s visions, the townspeople’s secrets, Molly’s need to find Tracey, and poor Tracey’s experience.  Like me, you will change your decision about who might be the abductor/abductors and be astonished over the police’s lack of momentum in the case.  I found myself as determined as Molly and just as committed to find Tracey.   

Melissa Foster creates believable characters in extraordinary situations, and I asked myself—how would I handle it?   My answers matched Molly’s.  

Cole and Molly lived through a horrific ordeal, and you can understand Cole’s frustration at seeing his wife begin to lose her sanity, again.  He believes she’s still chasing Amanda.   On the other hand, Molly knows her visions are real and feels anger and betrayal over Cole’s doubts, but she wants to understand his point of view.  Meanwhile, her son is Molly’s grounding force but even Erik is threatened by these visions.

Although CHASING AMANDA by Melissa Foster is a single title and standalone novel, you’ll want check out her other novels including COME BACK TO ME (Greenforge Books 2011) and MEGAN’S WAY (Outskirts Press  2009). 


by: Mark Gilleo              

Publisher: The Story Plant

Published: March 27, 2012       

Format: Paperback (438 pages)      

ISBN: 9781611880342            

Origin: Publisher through NetGalley (egalley)

***Though the publisher provides the free ebook, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

In LOVE THY NEIGHBOR, those who help you can be the most deadly.

Clark Hayden is moving back home to help his forgetful mother, after her husband’s death. However, Clark’s dad has been gone for sometime, but Maria Hayden’s mental state has become increasingly worrisome.  

Clarke was a late in life child, descending from parents who had been told they could not have a child, and they believed that to be true, until his mother’s pregnancy with him. 

Nothing unusual really happens until Maria Hayden gets late night visitors.  Although, Clark was home when the knocks exploded on her front door, he was in the basement and didn’t hear a thing. Middle Eastern men spoke words she didn’t understand, but she did not open the door.

Immediately, she telephones the CIA and reports these men, whom to her, seem to be terrorists.

The FBI investigates, somewhat, and determines this caller isn’t well.  They weren’t wrong. Maria is not well, and she takes many medications.  Even Clark doubts her suspicions.

Eventually, Clark’s neighbors call asking if he could keep an eye out on their house and water their plants.  A sick relative passed in a foreign country, and they left immediately.  Ariana and Nazim have helped his mother often enough, especially with him being away from home.  He does as asked.  A telephone call, at this residence, grabs his attention.

However, he gets himself in over his head, once he uses a voice recorder and this is captured on hidden cameras being monitored by the family who owns the home.

My Take:

Mark Gilleo provides a political suspense tale, in a suburbia setting (pre and post 9/11), where some people are not who and what they seem to be.

Although many people know something about their neighbors, in LOVE THY NEIGHBOR, Mark Gilleo shows nobody knows everything.  The many point-of-view characters flesh out the means, the motives, and the opportunities of this plotting foursome. Terrorism. Kill as many as possible and die while doing it.  

However, this former sleeper cell with one phone call becomes an active cell, and they don’t even trust each other.   


by: M. William Phelps              

Publisher: Kensington  

Published: February 28, 2012        

Format: Hardcover (320 pages)      

ISBN: 9780758273383            

Origin: Publisher

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

In NEVER SEE THEM AGAIN, the author gives the true accounts of July 18, 2003 in a suburb of Houston.

M. William Phelps starts his story just before four young adults or teens bodies are found, but it doesn’t take him long to arrive at the horrific scene. All police know, at the time, is that these kids were found dead, and the scene was a bloody rampage, execution style kills.

However, the lead detective notices that all shots were hits, without strays or misses. Almost too perfect.

The other variables seeming easy to add was that this scene has possible drug connections. In addition, the scene screamed at investigators that the shooter was a known and trusted entity to the victims, easily determined without force entry and some victim’s backs facing their shooter. They had trust in the wrong person.

However, the hardest detail to understand is why one victim, Rachel Koloroutis, suffered the most. And she did suffer.

Rachel Koloroutis was brutally beaten and shot in her female reproductive organ, among many other places. Meanwhile the other occupants of the home are dead, but they sustained much less in the way of physical injury. Tiffany Rowell had been shot numerous times, and her boyfriend, Marcus Ray Preccella suffered some blunt force head injuries with execution style bullets. Marcus’ cousin, Adelbert Nicholas Sanchez, suffered execution style and other shootings.

What the police did not have and the crime scene refused to tell them was why or who.

Given that this crime happened during the day, it was just as frustrating to discover not a neighbor or friend heard anything. With the enormous amount of spent shells in and around the scene, it is hard to believe that no one heard a sound.

My Take:

M. William Phelps’ meticulous documentation helps him walk his readers through the scene, the investigation, and the trial. Even if given who, the readers will need to know why, and the answer to that is something you will never guess.

In NEVER SEE THEM AGAIN, you will find exactly what the police find as they find it, and you’ll know every step of the investigation, as if you were there while it happens. This true crime thriller will keep you glued to your seat and turning pages. You will almost feel the interrogator’s frustration, and you’ll feel the coolness of the suspect, as if you were sitting in the room.

Sadly, NEVER SEE THEM AGAIN is not fiction; the murders in this book are all too true.

Though it reads like any novel, M. William Phelps keeps your mind focused on these young victims and their families throughout so that we can never forget their names or their lost lives.  Here are more true crime thrillers by M. William Phelps: DEATH TRAP (March 2010), LOVE HER TO DEATH (March 2011), and others. 


by: James Andrus              

Publisher: Pinnacle (Kensington)  

Published: February 7, 2012        

Format: Paperback (384 pages)      

ISBN: 9780786027699            

Series: Detective John Stallings            

Origin: Publisher

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Buddy meets the women at work or while pretending to be at work, and he obsesses over their last breath.

Jacksonville Detective John Stallings has been on this side the report, and into each case, he brings the father of a missing teen, Jeanie, with his badge.  Though his badge helps him to identify the family dynamic that plays out before him, the father of a missing person helps him to identify with the family and their pain.

The Leah Tishler case hit too close to home for the detective, and he’s glad his partner, Patty Levine is with him.

Meanwhile, another set of Jacksonville detectives are trying to figure out whom killed Kathy Mizell, with a belt and left it around her neck.  Was this just an incompetent murderer who not only left the murder weapon but also dumped Kathy’s body at a construction site, but not in a Dumpster only near the Dumpster?  It was easy to figure the guy was too short to stick her inside, but was he too stupid to see the stacked cinderblocks that would have helped him get her inside?

Through a source, detective Tony Mazzetti has a list of five names to check into, but this was nothing short of chasing down every lead, not expecting anything to come from it.  But without much in the way of leads, these were as good as any.  Nevertheless, at the construction site, Mazzetti runs into five men who really don’t like him.

Buddy, on the other hand, is ready for another kill; this one is his angel.  Well, at least until she starts coming on to him and brings out weed.  Does he really want to preserve this for all eternity? Just as he ponders this, someone else approaches.

But when this visitor pulls a gun, Buddy’s got bigger problems.

His father was at the kitchen, just the day before Detective John Stallings arrived.  Moreover, he got chatty with one of the women, telling her stories of his family life, his Navy career, but he kept calling the woman, Jeanie.  Finally, his father turns up, but he speaks of visiting with Jeanie who has changed her name to Kelly.

In the meantime, Detective Mazzetti is interrogating a man with unexplained ladies wear.  Dresses.  He’s hoping that just maybe he’s got the one, but the detective’s hope fades when another body is discovered, putting him back to no suspects.

My Take:

James Andrus makes his career in law enforcement and shows the real side of his chosen profession.  His characters could be in any police department on any day.

In THE PERFECT DEATH, you will find fleshed out police officers that solve these crimes the real way, through hard work and good leads.  His good guys are not always good and are as humanly flawed as the criminals, just in different ways, and in some cases, the criminals may be the good guys.

James Andrus doesn’t just give you the action and adventure of a thriller; he gives us investigation and techniques along with a thrilling read with engaging characters that anyone can relate to.

KILL SWITCH Giveaway + KILL SWITCH GAME link + KILL SWITCH link to apps + book review = A GREAT READ!

by: Neal Baer and Jonathan Greene Publisher: Kensington                 Published: December 31, 2011         Format: Hardcover (288 pages)     ISBN: 9780758266866                   Origin: Publisher

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

Click here to go to the KILL SWITCH GAME!

My Look:

Doctor Claire Waters is part of a fellowship doing forensic psychiatry work on Rikers Island’s sickest inmates, but she’s already been told that she might not stay with the program. Moreover, they would be right to get rid of her.

She’d messed up with a client, letting her personal failure follow her inside the treatment room.

On that day, with the approaching storm, all Claire could see was herself watching her friend get abducted, and although everyone had told Claire she wasn’t at fault, Claire knew she was to blame. While with a patient, she hit a wall during treatment one day because Dr. Claire Water’s has her own issues needing treatment, but that remedy she never sought.

Much later, Todd Quimby, her assigned patient and a former resident of the penal colony, telephones Claire. He’s in need of emergency care, but after meeting with him at the hospital, Claire decides she can catch a killer and prove her “out-of-the-box” capabilities to the fellowship.

But in just minutes, Claire comes undone.

Todd Quimby attacks Claire, and her boyfriend contacts the head of the fellowship program. The fellowship head then contacts the police.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Claire meets Detective Nick Lawler, and within minutes, he’s dismissing her as a shrink and as a victim. Nick is back on the job, after being exiled in Central Booking, and the last thing he needs is a shrink.

After his wife’s death, everyone believed he killed her; he didn’t.

However, he feels as guilty as if he did, but his nightmare of that blinding flash of light is still as fresh as the day it happened. But that’s not this detective’s only problem; he is hiding a secret that will end his career, for good.

Upon reading two crime reports, one he had investigated—before his departure from the detectives—and one he is just now investigating, Nick is certain the man who assaulted the shrink is the man he’s hunting.

However, his public dressing down of Dr. Waters cost him strange looks at his new-old job, but it could cost him even more.

It could cost another life.

Catching Claire Waters before her cab takes off, the detective gets Todd Quimby ‘s information, but when his partner and Lawlor arrive at the address, the perp’s mother is stalls them. Now, her son goes on the run, out the window and into the subway.

The chase ends with one officer down and their man getting away, but soon, another woman will die.

Click the cover above to download the app for Android and iTunes from Kensington Books.

My Take:

I give my highest recommendation to KILL SWITCH by Neal Baer and Jonathan Greene!

As the former executive producer and co-executive producer of LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIM’S UNIT, these authors already know exactly how to ramp up the suspense, while twisting the plot and bringing the reader down many false trails. However, with KILL SWITCH, they honed their skills even higher.

KILL SWITCH will have you keep reading late into the night. However, how it all ends will shock you.

Just as these authors’ names are synonymous with great television, I know you will watch Neal Baer and Jonathan Greene have a long and renowned novel-writing career.


For readers of this blog, throughout the United States and Canada, you can enter a random drawing for a free physical book of  KILL SWITCH just by leaving a comment!  

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I will announce the winner on a future blog post.

So, you stay tuned and check back often!  I just may have more giveaways coming to you in the future.


by: Daniel Palmer              

Publisher: Kensington  

Published: January 31, 2012        

Format: Hardcover (416 pages)      

ISBN: 9780758246653 

Origin: Publisher

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Sexting, child porn, and murder intrudes into Tom Hawkins life, and that’s not all.

A former Navy SEAL, Tom Hawkins is high school coach whose ex-wife is murdered, and the police have him pegged as prime suspect. Before her death, Tom had a blustery relationship with Kelly, and Kelly is the main reason his relationship with his daughter, Jill, is a distant one.

But when the FBI comes calling, Tom’s career, his daughter, and his life are all hitting the losing it fast category, and he’s helpless to stop it. Soon, a story paints him in the lover role with a teenage student, and everyone believes it. In addition, once the FBI finds child porn on his computer, they put him as their kingpin in a child porn investigation.

Could this all be the work of a local cop who isn’t his best fan? Is everything somehow tied to his ex-wife’s murder? Tom does not know what side anyone is playing on, but he does know that somebody’s framing him. But who. And why?

He cannot trust local law enforcement, but he needs help. FBI help.

FBI Agent Rainy’s budding attraction to Tom isn’t the only reason she believes him, but she crossed a line with their kiss.

Involvement with a target is a career killer in her FBI, but she was sure that one day, he’d no longer be their target. In fact, she was sure that he should not have ever been.

She has one problem. Rainy has no proof to clear him.

My Take:

HELPLESS is a timely tale of today’s cyberspace, where pictures and stories can go viral and where online meets infinity.

Daniel Palmer traps you in his credible character’s lives and into their stories. Bringing you into a complicated plot, he leaves the reader guessing at not only the whom but at the how as things keep happening to Tom Hawkins, and you’ll be hoping he can get out of this mess.

You’ll want to read Daniel Palmer’s DELIRIOUS (Kensington February 2011) until his next book releases!