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Publisher: Zondervan

Published: February 25, 2014

Format: ebook (99 pages)      

AISN: B00SL10IHO        

Series: A Year of Weddings Novella 

Origin: Publisher through NetGalley (egalley)

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My Look:

Susanna Truitt has found her prince in Nathaniel II, but this fairytale is fraught with doubts and peril. 

This royal had found Susanna in her own locale, but the wedding brings her to a new country.  The pomp and circumstance that follows this engagement is heady, scary, and exciting, but as this prince is now to be king, a danger lurks inside this European country.

Brighton is a small country with some large politics, and without much notice, the Parliament makes a declaration.   

Susanna has already given up her Georgia roots and moved countries away from her family.  She’s been trained, molded, and tutored into a princess and then into a queen, but how can she give up her citizenship to her country to marry the man she loves?  Is this situation a mere culmination of all the doubts that she’s been seized by? On the other hand, is this something she needs to retreat from?

When family gets sick and friends cannot come to her, Susanna has to make a choice, but it’s not the one most people would think to make.  She’s willing to let go and let God even if it breaks her or Nathaniel’s heart to do it.

Once in Georgia, Susanna believes she’s done the right thing, but has she?

My Take:

In A MARCH BRIDE by Rachel Hauck, you’ll be swept off your feet!

Susanna Truitt is a heroine that could be one of your best friends who is into some situations that you are ill-equipped to give advice on. However, you’ll want to help in her anyway we can just like the hometown characters in this book. From a distant land, I fell in love with Georgia and its people, but in Georgia, I fell hard for King Nathaniel. 

King Nathaniel II is unpretentious and as confused and scared as his soon-to-be bride is.  The pressures are growing on him just as his country teeters away from being the safety net it had always been for him and his family. Nevertheless, the pressure that comes upon the love of his life are too much for him to speak about.  However, once she leaves the country he’s broken and is willing to do what he needs to bring her back to him.   

Rachel Hauck’s A MARCH BRIDE starts out at the top of a princess and her castle story but develops into a fight or flight kind of love story with some amazing twists you’d never expect.  This novella serves a dual purpose.  It is a novella in the Year of Wedding series, but it is also a standalone continuation of the novel ONCE UPON A PRINCE by Rachel Hauck! 


Book Review: IT HAPPENS EVERY SPRING by Catherine Palmer and Gary Chapman

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

Published: January 3, 2007

Format: Paperback (286 pages)      

ISBN: 9781414311654        

Series: The Four Seasons of a Marriage Series

Origin: Publisher through Tyndale Direct

***Though the publisher provides the free ebook, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Steve and Brenda Hansen’s marriage has taken on a perpetual winter chill, with more than just an empty nest going on.  Steve assumes his wife’s moods are expected, but they have been extreme, in his view.  He’s changed jobs and is making great money in real estate and provides for her, his children, and his kids’ college education.  While he realizes, their babies have grown and left on their own life journeys, his wife does have an active hobby that should be able to sustain her through the transition, right? He’s even having the basement refinished to give her plenty of workspace and crafting nooks, but she’s just not happy.

Riding out the bad comes with the good in a marriage, but his wife has strayed from church and limits herself—why this is, he doesn’t know.  Meanwhile, a good reason exists for his drop in attendance, the weekends are prime time for clients, and he always has to show these properties.

Brenda Hansen is not just going through empty nest syndrome, although that is but just a part of her pain.  Her husband’s cold persona and his mistress are hurting her more.  Sure, infidelity can become a trap in a marriage, but the couple’s faith, love, and trust can be restored.  However, this can’t be overcome, when the spouse doesn’t believe he’s doing anything wrong.  And this adulteress is much more seductive than she can ever possibly be.  Steve’s love isn’t even human!

It’s become an addiction, Brenda believes, and it’s one that he puts before anyone. Owning a business can be enchanting and being successful can be exhilarating, but Steve loves his profit margin more than his marriage and more than his kids.

It’s all about to hit home in a perfect storm this spring, with new characters, new friends, and new interests.

While someone is finding Brenda funny and is adding a spring to her step, someone else needs her time and attention.  And as her lowliness begins to change, Brenda finds some friends in all the same places and begins to spend more time with someone for all the wrong reasons.  Even though this person helps her hurting end, she’s changing in ways she never dreamed of.

Is Brenda ready for this marriage to end?  Has she reached the point of no return?

Meanwhile, anyone can meet a ray of sunshine named Patsy Pringle inside her business called Just as I Am Salon.

She’s not the gossip queen in town, in fact, she’s a caring person who seems to pick up on the little things about people.  From her clients, she can figure out easily who is happy and who isn’t, but she does her best to get those down in a better place.  However, many things are just out of her control, and all Patsy can do is say a prayer.

Now, she’s had to stop some people from spilling news stories in her shop, but in some cases, it’s not being done mean-spirited nor is it something that many people don’t see.  It’s hard to miss the Hansen’s aren’t faring well, but to help someone is one thing, but getting into meddling is something else.

Patsy just doesn’t spot troubles from a mile away, she understands them, and she just can’t let someone go down a path that will end in disaster.

My Take:

IT HAPPENS EVERY SPRING by Catherine Palmer and Gary Chapman, starts with claps of thunder, troubles blooming in Tranquility Missouri, clashes of businesses, and some unwanted characters.  

Heroines are abound in Deep Water Cove too, but they are not always the law enforcement kind. 

While business is business in Tranquility, the townspeople of Deep Water are not just about the town but are all about the people.  Some things are happening to build the town and other’s things are threatening to break it a part.  The buildings will still be standing, but the family atmosphere could be giving way to the party culture. If this isn’t bad enough, I found myself loving Brenda Hansen and disliking Steven Hansen and wanting to be best friends with Patsy Pringle!

Inside IT HAPPENS EVERY SPRING by Catherine Palmer and Gary Chapman, you’ll learn about love, family, friends, and you will spot the seasons just as Patsy is able to.  Sometimes, wrongs can be so very right, but the right choices can make things all wrong for all the wrong reasons.  This town has much to deal within a short time, but the caring people pull you inside, make you want to be their neighbor, friend, and business associate.

You don’t miss the rest of this series–SUMMER BREEZE: 2 (Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. 2007), FALLING FOR YOU AGAIN: 3 (Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. 2007), and WINTER TURNS TO SPRING: 4 (Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. 2008)!




by: Linda Brendle

Publisher: Anaiah Press

Release Date: July 1, 2014

***Courtesy of Anaiah Press . . . 

Book Blurb:

Sometimes reality really bites. Alzheimer’s has wrapped Mom’s brain into knots, vascular dementia has attacked Dad, and, instead of carefree retirees, we have become caregivers. Regardless, dreams die hard, and we somehow stumbled into the purchase of a forty-foot motor home. That’s when all four of us set out on this seven-week trek across sixteen U.S. states. Now, Dad stopped-up the toilet again, Mom wet her last pair of clean jeans, and David just announced that he was hungry. My head is beginning to pound, and I know this isn’t going to be the easygoing retirement we’d imagined for ourselves.

My Look:

Linda Brendle takes you on a roller-coaster ride of emotional and spiritual challenges that many families are facing right now. Co-dependency, mental breakdowns, and finding love after divorce are just a few of the issues weaved into this journey of caregiving. Whether you’re looking for an inspirational story to help teach you how to “let go and let God,” considering becoming the caregiver for one of your own parents, or are just looking for an entertaining travel book, this story is sure to strike a tender nerve.

About the author:

 After 15 years as a family caregiver, Linda began writing to encourage, inspire, and amuse other caregivers. She loves to travel and since retiring has traveled mostly by motorcycle and RV. She and her husband live in a small East Texas town where she gardens, writes, and attends church.






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by: Jill Elizabeth Nelson              

Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense  

Published: November 27, 2012        

Format: Paperback (224 pages)      

ISBN: 9780373445165           

Origin: Publisher through NetGalley (egalley)

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Ex-Army ranger and current apartment house maintenance worker, Maddie Jameson knew any assassin could get her any day.  However, today’s job was to be the easy kind of thing on a usual kind of day.  

Maddie’s instincts told her today was going to be anything but normal, once she realized what she’d had seen.  

However, she barely had time to react when two male figures opened the door.  On the good side, that bomb hadn’t been planted in this room, as she feared, but it was somewhere.  The bad thing was that Maddie figured today just might be her last.   It didn’t take long for her to confirm she was made, and if she survived this battle, Maddie had to go to ground. 

The news told her where the bomb did go off. A car bomb killed the reporter.  Had Chris found her?  Did he lead them to Maddie? 

This reporter was the reason that her whole unit died in Rio and her heart died too—grief over her fellow rangers, mixing with guilt and anger to consume her.  She knew the treasonous embed traded their coordinates for accolades and led them all to slaughter.

Maybe she still felt too much cause her mind became numb.  

After Maddie spoke to the police, she took a bag and cash.  They’d soon find out all about Maddie and they’d connect her to the dead reporter, in quick order.  Her army training and her gut feelings always planned ahead for a day like this.  It wasn’t the first, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last.  

She was the last one still breathing and someone feared her connecting the dots.  

How little did they know? She was as damaged as the day was long. Her memory was as defective as a crashed hard drive.  Everything was gone but minor images, only flashes really, and these taunted her.  

After winding down false routes and vehicles, Maddie made it to the lot.  This car was the only thing left of her brother and it the one thing Maddie counted on for saving her life.   She engaged the engine remotely and waited.  It didn’t blow.  She was one passed test closer to her escape.  However, the car lurched and this action wasn’t by her remote.  

With gun in hand, Maddie was combat ready.  They must have figured two car bombs in one day could get them caught, and so, they improvised to put an end to Maddie’s life.  The voice was familiar but these characters would use anything to get her, especially since the car was still careening toward her.   As close to shooting as she could get, Maddie realized the voice and face matched perfectly.   If this wasn’t deadly real, this could be the poignant moment. The driver by no means was friendly and could just as easily kill her the way he did everyone else.   

Meanwhile, Chris Mason had been threatened with death two times in one day.  

These jokers messed up with the car bomb, but Maddie had incredible aim.  She could take him out in seconds.  Sadly, she hated him enough to do just that, but he needed Maddie. Whether or not she realized it, she needed him too.   As the only two survivors from the Rio operation, they were in a precarious position. Maddie didn’t turn traitor but there was no missing the fact that she believed he did. With so much that she didn’t know mixed with so much that he didn’t understand, there was only thing for certain, Chris and Maddie were more valuable dead than alive. And like it or not, to stay alive, these two would have to stay together.

Chris didn’t find that as appalling as Maddie would.  He knew that her brain injuries destroyed much of her memories, but she really did believe he was a murderer.  Now Madeline Jerrod, a.k.a. Maddie Jameson, held both of their lives in her capable hands.

Between his investigative skills and her military training, could they find out who was behind the massacre and who was the man with juice stateside who wanted them gone, without dying?  


My Take:

Jill Elizabeth Nelson puts romance on the line, along with truth and justice in BETRAYAL ON THE BORDER!

This author pits past against present, leaving the characters and readers exposed and vulnerable while the suspense and romance builds to a climatic ending.  Maddie’s too busy blaming herself for her unit’s demise because she had developed feelings for the only man who she believed could have betrayed them, but she never thought much past her hurt to find his motive lacking.  Even now she found him appealing, but she won’t trust him or herself.  

Meanwhile, Chris Mason kept his distance from Maddie, until now.  He’s been trying to find out who on their team turned traitor and trying to keep his traitorous heart in check.  His growing feelings were established in Rio, but he can’t get involved with one of his stories. Been there. Done that. And it didn’t end well. Shouldn’t he be happy Maddie thinks of him as a traitor?  

BETRAYAL ON THE BORDER by Jill Elizabeth Nelson is a standalone title, but you’ll want to read this author’s other titles including  LEGACY OF LIES (Steeple Hill 2010), CALCULATED REVENGE (Steeple Hill 2010), WITNESS TO MURDER (Steeple Hill 2009), and EVIDENCE OF MURDER  (Steeple Hill 2009). Or check out the other books by this author!


by: Margaret Daley              

Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense  

Published: October 30, 2012        

Format: Paperback (224 pages)      

ISBN: 9780373445127  

Series: Guardians, Inc.         

Origin: Publisher through NetGalley (egalley)

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

All wasn’t business as usual for Winnie’s Winfield’s assistant.  In fact, Ellie St. James wasn’t her real assistant, but this charade wasn’t Ellie’s idea, in the first place.  Harold Jefferson hired her through Guardian’s Inc, and what he say’s goes—for now.  

Being a bodyguard isn’t an easy job, but when the target of your watch doesn’t even know you’re her bodyguard, the job gets even harder.  Now, she stood in front of Harold Jefferson trying to explain why she went into full combat mode, pulled her Glock on Colt Winfield, and wrestled with him on the floor, and why this all happened in front of her client who wasn’t to know about this arrangement.   She had threaded her way out of the sticky situation, through evasive maneuvers, but now, her gun sat in Winnie’s safe unavailable for her mission.

Though displeased with the situation but also understanding of it, Harold Jefferson still refuses Ellie’s  request to level with her client but did consent to bring Ellie another weapon. Still, it wasn’t her finely tuned usual friend and ally like her weapon, but it will have to do.

However, Ellie wondered.  

Could these threats be more personal in nature instead of being about Winnie’s company, Glamour Sensations, going public or her new line of products, Endless Youth? 

The next evening Colt and Winnie Winfield must be told everything, when someone cuts through the estate’s fence to steal the guard dogs and may still be on the property, but Ellie’s first unwanted guest is one major problem.

As if she’s a meal time ticket a mountain lion’s stare cuts through Ellie to combine with his striking pose, this cat creates a problem that has her pinned in place.   Thanks to Colt the predator leaves, but is another two-legged one still stalking this property?  Or is the next predator already close to home?

My Take:

CHRISTMAS STALKING elevates suspense and kicks adrenaline and romance into high gear!

Margaret Daley creates a satisfying romance with two parties who are reluctant participants but who are bound together by necessity and held together by love.  While Ellie St. James comes to care about Winnie like a grandmother, Winnie’s grandson, Colt, loves Winnie like a mother.  Winnie Winfield raised Colt and he’ll fiercely protect her, but he’s willing to give Ellie the lead in most situations, knowing she’s more qualified.  However, all things are just not negotiable.  Meanwhile, Ellie St. James is a heroine with a military background and that background only adds to her built-in trust issues. Without much family to call her own, she’s been able to take care of herself, but will she ever be able to let another take the lead?  Not to mention, this heroine and hero both have put work at the forefront of their lives leaving little room for much else.  Does either want anything to change?

CHRISTMAS STALKING is about the love of family and the common bonds that keep us all tethered, but it’s also about learning to trust, trusting too much, trusting too fast, and trusting too soon. 

Margaret Daley’s CHRISTMAS STALKING is a standalone title, but you’ll want to read the other titles in the Guardian’s, Inc Series:  HIDDEN IN THE EVERGLADES (Love Inspired September 2011), PROTECTING HER OWN (Love Inspired Suspense June 2011), and CHRISTMAS BODYGUARD  (Love Inspired Suspense December 2010). Or check out the many other books and series titles by this author!

PREVIEW: FEARLESS The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam Brown

by: Eric Blehm

Publisher: WaterBrook Multnomah                 

Published: May 22, 2012         

Format: Hardcover (272 pages)    

ISBN: 9780307730695  

***Courtesy of WaterBrook Multinomah’s website . . . 

My Look:

Fearless takes you deep into SEAL Team SIX, straight to the heart of one of its most legendary operators.

When Navy SEAL Adam Brown woke up on March 17, 2010, he didn’t know he would die that night in the Hindu Kush Mountains of Afghanistan—but he was ready: In a letter to his children, not meant to be seen unless the worst happened, he wrote, “I’m not afraid of anything that might happen to me on this earth, because I know no matter what, nothing can take my spirit from me.”

Long before Adam Brown became a member of the elite SEAL Team SIX—the counterterrorism unit that took down Osama bin Laden—he was a fun-loving country boy from Hot Springs, Arkansas, whose greatest goal had been to wear his high school’s football jersey. An undersized daredevil, prone to jumping off roofs into trees and off bridges into lakes, Adam was a kid who broke his own bones but would never break a promise to his parents.

But after high school, Adam fell in with the wrong crowd and his family watched as his appetite for risk dragged him into a downward spiral that eventually landed him in jail. Battling his inner demons on a last-chance road to redemption, Adam had one goal: to become the best of the best—a US Navy SEAL.

An absorbing chronicle of heroism and humanity, Fearless presents an indelible portrait of a highly trained warrior who would enter a village with weapons in hand to hunt terrorists, only to come back the next day with an armload of shoes and meals for local children. It is a deeply personal, revealing glimpse inside the SEAL Team SIX brotherhood that also shows how these elite operators live out the rest of their lives, away from danger, as husbands, fathers and friends.

Fearless is the story of a man of extremes, whose courage and determination was fueled by faith, family, and the love of a woman. It’s about a man who waged a war against his own worst impulses and persevered to reach the top tier of the US military. Always the first to volunteer for the most dangerous assignments, Adam’s final act of bravery led to the ultimate sacrifice.

Adam Brown was a devoted man who was an unlikely hero but a true warrior, described by all who knew him as fearless.


My Take:

I’m looking forward to the release date of FEARLESS , The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam Brown by Eric Blehm!

Click this link below to visit the Publisher’s website and download the first chapter of FEARLESS!

The voting hours have ended. I thank you for all of your votes! 

http ://


by Margaret Daley

Publisher: Abingdon Press

Published: March 1, 2012

Format: Paperback (336 pages)

ISBN: 9781426714283

Origin: Publisher through netGalley (egalley)

***Though the publisher provides the free ebook, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Kate Winslow is the director of Beacon of Hope School, but her charges are not just her students, much to her wealthy family’s dismay.  These children have endured more in their short lives tan any child should, but Kate takes them in, gives them hope, counseling, safety, and schooling. 

One of her current students, Rose, is the ideal success story.  She’s turning her life around and wants to help others do the same.  In Rose, Kate sees a wonderful transformation, and she prays her other students can realize this same change.  Unfortunately, this director knows she could lose some of the girls back to the streets; it’s happened before.   

However, when Rose goes missing, the school’s only van disappears.  Could this girl whose made so much progress have gone back to her pimp?

Texas Ranger Wyatt Sheridan is part of the Child Rescue Task Force.  This group of law enforcement professionals, consisting of Texas Rangers, FBI, and other agencies, must tackle child prostitution and human trafficking; Wyatt and his team try to make a difference in the lives of these endangered children.  

A body is uncovered, and he gets the call.  Soon, he arrives on scene, and Wyatt discovers the girl had been reported missing.  She’s found.  Dead.

This kid was the same age as his daughter, and he always fears this could happen to his own. As a widowed father of a fourteen-year-old girl, Wyatt knows how easy it would be for her to trust the wrong person or become prey for them.  Already loosing his wife to a criminal’s hand, this ranger couldn’t lose her too.  And while he gives thanks for the safety of his daughter, he never loses the chill of knowing he could be the parent on the other end of any notification.

Nevertheless, he won’t let these thoughts tie him in knots; instead, the worries push him to work harder at getting these predators behind bars and unable to hurt any other children.

In this case, an abandoned vehicle is still at the scene, but when this vehicle is registered to a local school and hasn’t been reported as stolen, he needs to find out why.  Could other resident students been in danger there?

My Take:

SAVING HOPE by Margaret Daley is a book I recommend. 

The author makes the reader’s heart pound as they know each character’s circumstance, but their suspense builds along with the danger.

Margaret Daley’s SAVING HOPE encompasses a fast-moving plot that not only deals with one of today’s very real issues, it showcases how these kids can overcome it and how adults can help them through it. Despite the seriousness of the topics, the author weaves a satisfying romance that keeps you in love with these characters. 

After reading this title, you’ll run to order THE MEN OF TEXAS RANGERS (Book 2) as soon as it releases. 


by Debora M. Coty

Publisher: Barbour Books

Published: March 1, 2012

Format: Paperback (224 pages)

ISBN: 9781616263478

Origin: netGalley E-Galley

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

From hormonal changes to life’s middle age weight challenges, this devotional inspires with laughter, scripture, and teachings.

Debora Coty will guide you through the demons of menopause, change your attitude about age, help you to shed your invisibility cloak, and strengthen your relationships all the while helping you work through God’s plan of discarding your secret labels. Through simple techniques, she will give you a foundation to build a better Christian life. With scripture, quotes and targeted questions, she will expose your inner ogre and transform you by trimming a double life down into a single good one. The situations she describes will make you laugh hard enough for tears to form, but she’ll have you gripping on tight to the lessons learned.

This book is invaluable.  It encompasses not only the years of menopause but will guide women for all the years after.

My Take:

I recommend Debora Coty’s MORE BEAUTY LESS BEAST: TRANSFORMING YOUR INNER OGRE. She’ll hook you with the real deal about the middle years, and her style of teaching will not let you go. Using her special brand of humor, she provides an amazing view of life and shows you how much better it can be.

You will want to keep reading to the end and will return to this book often.

In addition, you’ll want to check out Debora Coty’s other devotionals, EVERYDAY HOPE (Barbour Books 2009) and TOO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED: INSPIRATION FOR CLIMBING OUT OF LIFE STRESS-POOL from Barbour Books August 2011).


by: Cindy Woodsmall

Publisher: WaterBrook Press

Published: February 21, 2012

Format: Hardcover (208 pages)

ISBN: 9780307446558

Origin: Publisher

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

THE SCENT OF CHERRY BLOSSOMS pits Plain against Plain in a battle of love.  

Annie Martin is Plain Order Mennonite while Aden Zook is Plain Order Amish, but when childhood friendship springs into something more, they are worlds apart.

Annie finds herself back at her Daadi Moses house, whether she’d wanted to be there or not. She did, but this time her visit wasn’t due to Daadi’s illness; Annie’s mother nearly kicked her out of the house without any information on when she’d be welcomed back.   Having a petrified relationship with her mother, Annie just doesn’t understand how she let the family unit go to dysfunction, after her father left them.   This worldliness is the main source of contention between Mamm and her daughter, especially since her brothers’ alarming new turn into things not permitted in their faith.  Her brothers drink and play games of cards and take a lackadaisical approach to their job.  Annie knew she should’ve kept her mouth shut, but she didn’t.  Annie worried for her younger siblings who seemed to be favoring their eldest brothers’ bad habits.

Back working in the Zook’s diner, Annie realizes Aden is all grown now.

Aden Zook enjoys sketching, but he must work too.  A long work schedule is hard but not as monstrous to him as his stutter seems to be; he just wants to be more like his brother, Roman Zook.

However, Roman hasn’t been Roman in what feels like a lifetime.

An accident bound Roman to his wheelchair and almost killed their Daed, but everyone is alive and well. However, Roman depends on Aden to assist in everyday tasks while his Daed cannot do anything near what he used to. Daed’s muscles and pain restrict him so.  Nevertheless, this family still runs the best diner anyone ever had, but when their Uncle Ernie needs Roman’s help to fix a generator, he convinces Roman to go.

But what maybe good for Roman’s confidence will push Aden’s work schedule beyond what any man can be can aspire to handle, with a wedding party to feed and a diner to manage.

It’s Roman who has the business mind out of the two brothers, and he impresses on Aden how important this wedding can be in the future of the diner.  If they can manage to service the Plain relatives of the happy couple, it would open future opportunities, but Roman is not here to help manage this task.  How can Aden and Mamm do this while being almost alone?

Blessings reign on the Zooks in the form of a Plain Mennonite named Annie Martin.

Aden always remembers their time working together as young kids while she worked in his family’s diner.  Aden’s truth is that he’s always felt fondness for Annie.  However, he acted shy and not very responsive to hide his impediment, freely allowing his brother Roman to do the talking.

Now, they will be working side by side, again, but Aden has only his own voice for Annie. Moreover, she has a way of making him open up, perhaps more than he should, and she might begin to realize just how much he cares for Annie.

Now while caring for a woman is not a sin, a relationship with this woman will cost them both, dearly.

My Take:

I recommend THE SCENT OF CHERRY BLOSSOMS by Cindy Woodsmall!

Cindy Woodsmall writes a love story that is full and complete and you’ll meet more characters plus learn their stories.  However, you will not be ready for this novella to end as her writing is engaging enough to make you want more.

Through WaterBrook Multnomah’s Blogging for Books Program, I received this book for free in exchange my honest review.


by: Janice Cantore

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers

Published: January 20, 2012

Format: Paperback (416 pages)

ISBN: 9781414358475

SERIES: Pacific Coast Justice Series

Origin: Publisher

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

An officer-involved-shooting puts Officer Carly Edwards of the Las Playas, California police department on a desk assignment, but she is still there long after the investigation is complete.

The press sensationalism and a comment taken out of context have long reaching and forever lasting effects on her career. From the death of her father to a career in a perpetual standstill and a divorce final from a cheating husband, Carly rejects faith.

However, her career situation changes due to a telephone call, when the mayor is found dead in the trunk of a car, and in an instant, Carly sees her chance to get back into action at the job she loves.  The juvenile suspect requests to speak to Carly because he knows her mother, personally. However, when Carly hears his name, she has nothing on her mind but getting his confession.

Hadn’t she told her mother that faith wouldn’t change that kid—or any other—for even a minute? This murder proves how right she was about faith and about him.

Carly wants to tell the juvenile that he’s playing the faith card with the wrong cop, but she is listening to get him to talk.  As the police tactic goes, get him to feel you will understand, and you might walk out with a confession.

Nevertheless, a confession doesn’t come.

However, something else happens that Carly doesn’t expect.  She believes him. Positive he or his “accomplice” did not kill the mayor, Carly’s left with many niggling questions.

Now, she needs the one person that she can trust, in police matters. But going to Nick will cause many other problems in her personal life; her former husband actually expects that one day Carly will believe that’s he’s a changed man.  He’s not.  She knows it.  However, she does need help.

Suspecting a cover-up with this kid as fall guy leads Carly to set out on her own, and soon she’s the one running from the law.

My Take:

Janice Cantori writes from a fascinating perspective.  As a former law enforcement professional, she uses her knowledge and skills to add police procedure then blend it with fiction and faith to provide a compelling read in ACCUSED.

She portrays real-to-life characters carrying heavy burdens with nothing to guide their way, but just like people, her characters change, grow, and find faith in the most tension filled circumstances.

The next title in the Pacific Justice Series Book 2, ABDUCTED, will release August 2012.

From the Tyndale Blog Network, I received this book free in exchange for my honest review.

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