Book Review: RELATIVELY DEAD by Sheila Connolly

Publisher: Beyond the Page

Published: May 16, 2013

Format: ebook (211 pages)


Origin: Publisher through NetGalley (egalley)

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Abby (Abigail) Kimball is at a crossroads in life, since she’d given up a teaching job she loved in Philadelphia and moved with Brad to New England, but her relationship with Brad was in sad shape, now.  However, she’s also discovering how much a problem Brad can be.  He’s self-centered, egotistical, and shallow. 

Meanwhile, she’s also wondering what having been in love with that says about her.

Abby knows that Brad wants her to get out and get some new interests, so then she begrudgingly goes on Waltham’s historic house tour.  Who knew this particular house would change her life?

It hadn’t seemed an overtly posh house, but its positioning, had almost had it looking down on the town, said something about it.  She met the man who was giving her the tour, Edward “Ned” Newhall.  And although it was a historical place, the many additions and modernization had relegated the real history to only a certain part of this home.  

Now, it hadn’t been this super nice tour director, Ned, who provided her surge of fear. It had been those who she hadn’t actually met that took her on a scary ride into their haunted past.

Of course, her unexpected reaction to such sights put her on an embarrassing plane with the living tour guide.  Would he understand? 


My Take:

In RELATIVELY DEAD, Sheila Connolly presents a modernized ghost story that will keep you steeped in rich history.

My first impression of Abby was that she was someone set adrift by the notion of love, but that Abby didn’t know what to do once she hit a wall.  Going home never seemed to occur to her, but Brad’s personality had me screaming for Abby to get away from him.  I liked her and didn’t want to see her in such a bad relationship. 

Abby hints that her mother’s happiness with Brad is the reason that she doesn’t go home, at first, but her father seems to suspect the changing feelings. 

Instead of packing up, once it all falls down, Abby’s thoughts amazed me.  She went and got a job that did some of the same things from her Philadelphia position, but it was so different that it complemented her. Meanwhile, I was almost shouting at her to notice Ned! 

Ned was there, in the flesh, and seemed to care, but he’d pulled back and now I wondered could this not be?  

He did stay connected to her ghostly visits and helped Abby through the understanding of history and genealogy, but when she was finally done with Brad, Ned seemed to retreat. 

He cared for Abby, but some things held him back.  At least one of these things was something major that him and Abby had in common.

Nevertheless, you’ll discover Ned to be a hero, although not the Alpha kind of guy.  He’s kind patient, caring, and smart.  His history had deconstructed his engagement years before, and he’s not sure how to proceed with this amazing woman named Abigail.  

RELATIVELY DEAD by Sheila Connelly takes us on a journey between past and present in a fashion that I haven’t read before, but I did enjoy it!  While this book will leave you wondering if you’ll ever spend time with Abby and Ned again, I believe we readers will most certainly be pulled into a future story of these two because they make such a great pair. 




One response to “Book Review: RELATIVELY DEAD by Sheila Connolly

  1. One for my to-read list. 🙂 SD

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