Book Review: ME AND MURDER, SHE WROTE by Peter S. Fischer

Publisher: The Grove Point Press

Published: September 09, 2013

Format: Paperback (264 pages)

ISBN: 9780988657137  

Origin: Publisher through NetGalley (egalley)

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Ratings is everything in network television . . . It’s a do or die world.

Peter S. Fischer is the first one to tell you that many people helped him along the way, behind the scenes of television—from his brother Geoff’s first hand up onto the scene to a meeting with Stephen Bochco (before Hill Street Blues)His history is long and winding through scripts, sets, or budgets, but he will show you how things worked behind the shows you’ve watched—who did what to make it all happen. Further, he will also put you into the many stories about the stories you or your loved ones watched, enjoyed, or turned off.

Peter became a household name through one of the longest running closed murder mystery series on television via Murder, She Wrote. 

However, if you were a Columbo fan, Ellery Queen buff, or Movie of the Week (MOW) watcher, you met Peter long before you knew it. Have you ever heard of Mrs. Columbo (the show) and wondered what happened?  Sure, you’ll see how and why she died, but to know who masterminded her death will leave you stunned. 

And who hasn’t watched this movie with Robert Urich? 


My Take:

ME AND MURDER, SHE WROTE by Peter S. Fischer will present you with a fascinating history of television, shows, stars, writers, directors, and plots that you’ll never guess. It’s as if you’re the live audience, when things unfold, people meet, or the stars come in and out.  

Meanwhile, you’ll learn about shows or stars that could never be, almost was, hadn’t yet been discovered, and awards that were not given. This book proves that writers write even when no nibbles are abounding, and nothing gets tossed in the trash. Some stories wind up in trunk storage, while still others are rekindled, rebranded, reissued, and reordered.   

Peter S. Fischer’s ME AND MURDER SHE WROTE holds a place in TV history that reads like a novel, and it’ll have you turning the pages to find out what happened next. This one book will leave you hungry for more of Peter’s storytelling, and you’ll discover this amazing author’s political thrillers of Washington DC, starting with BLOOD OF TYRANTS, and the golden years in The Hollywood Murder Mysteries, starting with JEZEBEL IN BLUE SATIN to fill in that need! 




2 responses to “Book Review: ME AND MURDER, SHE WROTE by Peter S. Fischer

  1. Murder She Wrote has always been a favorite of mine. I didn’t realize that Fischer also did some of the other shows I enjoyed as well. This sounds like a fascinating book. Enjoyed your review.

    • Thank you, Mason! I didn’t know he was attached to many of these shows either, and I watched many of them. He is really an amazing writer who has other books to read too. 🙂

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