Book Review: THE MOUNTAIN BETWEEN US by Cindy Myers

Publisher: Kensington

Published: October 29, 2013

Format: ebook (289 pages)

Origin: Publisher through NetGalley (eGalley)

***Though the publisher provides the free ebook, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Maggie’s father, Jacob Charles Murphy, had passed away last year—leaving Maggie his property in Eureka Colorado, a mystery that still surrounded the man she had never known, and a gold mine that held no gold but lots of turquoise. 

The French Mistress was a working mine, turning a profit and providing jobs, while Maggie Stevens carved out a nice life in Eureka, working at the newspaper and living off mountain for winter right next door to the man she loves.

This next door living arrangement was because Maggie knew Jameso Clark maybe wasn’t the kind of man who could settle down.  With all she learned about her father and the effects of war on that man, Maggie knew Iraq had left its scars on Jameso and wanted to keep some privacy in each of their lives.  However, Maggie never thought she’d be the one to burden this vet way beyond his abilities in society. However, the positive pregnancy test, in hand, told her she was about to lay a load on man who carried a heavy load already. 

Maggie soon learns her troubles in this town aren’t the only bad news around. 

Olivia, the barmaid at Jameso’s workplace, has her ex-boyfriend who followed her here and reinserted him into her son’s life.  The town librarian has her issues too that link directly to her family’s squandered wealth in years past and Maggie’s father.  Olivia’s mother, Lucille, is the mayor of the town has found a man of interest who strikes Olivia as all wrong.  However, she can’t judge a good man for herself, how can she throw dispersion on someone’s choice?

Lucille is the town mayor, runs the antique store, and is thrilled her daughter and grandson are here in Eureka, but Gerald Pershing has made her see something she’s been missing.  Lucille has been on her own, without a man in her life, and doing just fine, but to have a man cause butterflies in the pit of her stomach, has this mayor realizing that all work and no play as made this woman a dull life.  Maybe she’s at the right age to take a chance on love, again? 

Well, that question was answered in the worse of ways. 

Scorned, robbed, and humiliated are just a few of the adjectives that would describe her situation.  Will she ever recover?  How can she ever pay back the money from the treasury that she helped steal?

With Mother Nature closing in and cutting Eureka Colorado off from the rest of the world, will this suffocating close bring down the town, bolster this mountain retreat, or destroy its foundations?   An avalanche and more snow threaten lives, steals resources, and could end Eureka’s bond forever.

My Take:

THE MOUNTAIN BETWEEN US by Cindy Myers will have you root for the town of Eureka and its townsfolk, while learning that sometimes loss isn’t what you think it is and more is not necessarily better.   

Eureka is a town of residents, friends, and family, where each new winter makes changes, carves out the new plowed path, gives a new direction to its inhabitant’s future, and has charity and helping at its core.  Frenemies pair up and people help each other to survive.

Cindy Myers gives us a town that has a mix of the young and older in their own messes but help each other through.  Eureka, Colorado is a place I’d love to call home!   

Maggie Stevens went out on her own, but even she doubts her ability to parent.  Olivia needs to let go of the past just to have the hope of a future, and her mother, Lucille, needs to realize that not having a personal life can be the one thing to set you up for the wrong fall.  Meanwhile, all of Eureka needs to stand together for survival in both physical and financial realms and be willing to go that last mile.  

Cindy Myers’ latest, THE MOUNTAIN BETWEEN US, is a standalone novel, but you’ll want to check out THE VIEW FROM HERE, where you can meet the townsfolk of Eureka in better days and great endings! 


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