Book Review: DEAD SILENT by Amy Beth Arkawy

Publisher: Cozy Cat Press  

Published: April 18, 2013        

Format: Paperback (218 pages)      

ISBN: 9781939816047            

Series: An Eliza Gordon Mystery

Origin: Recommendation

***Though others provide the free ebook, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Goodship, NY is a lovely town for tourists in summertime and of those many whom revisit or establish a yearly routine of showing up.  With the many new visitors, Goodship goes through some growth spurts and some are not all good.  In fact, a new addition to the town ends up very dead and a gossip website about the many residents of this town may very well lead to this inevitable ending.

However, life in this small town will go on throughout all seasons and all seasons seem to have one thing in common.  Everyone eats soup at Soup Opera and this eatery owned by a former Soap star, Eliza Gordon, becomes the very polestar of gossip, bad behavior, innuendo, and sleuthing. 

Eliza Gordon does like having her fingers on the pulse of her adopted home of Goodship, but she isn’t the one pulling the strings behind an evil website called The Goodship Grapevine.  In fact, this site’s mission doesn’t just seem to be about old-fashioned gossip but is rather about the utter destruction of the townspeople, and while this site becomes everyone’s focus, the newest radio star runs a close second.   This man is not loved, liked, or even well tolerated.  Even Eliza’s best friend and radio D. J. /part owner, Midge, despises this man. 

The shock jock in question around the town is Paul Hackett, and it’s not only is radio personality that is questionable.  Midge’s brother suspects his wife of having an affair with this man, and Midge is the one who has suggested as much to him.   This guy seems to always be around the women and especially around young ladies who love the famed.  This eatery owner does wonder what the newly minted Grapevine website and the newest radio star have in common beyond the town of Goodship. Although, Eliza doesn’t just have sleuthing on her mind these days.

Her prodigal brother-in-law, Jonas, has returned home to the family estate.  

This home is in the same place she’s living and although this sprawling estate can still provide the privacy she needs, this living arrangement has stirred up a need to leave it and a curiosity about her dearly departed husband’s younger brother who bears a striking resemblance to her man.   It’s been so disturbing to her that she actively tries to avoid the man.  Meanwhile, Eliza is still in therapy to get over the death of her husband and move into a budding relationship with Goodship’s Police Chief, Tom Santini.  However, even her relationship with Tom is skewed toward her husband.  Tom was her husband’s best friend.  Despite her history as a Soap star, Eliza’s personal life was usually tidy, in order, and happily without much drama.  However, these days the only order her life seems to have is keeping herself busy at the eatery, but even Soup Opera was founded with and established with her husband, Eddie.

This former Soap star’s life is about make a turn that could lead to her murder.  Once the most despised radio host is murdered inside her best friend’s radio station and haunting flyers appear to tell everyone about The Quiet, it all seems indicative that there is something more sinister happening that goes much beyond the murder, and it could be infecting the town’s youngest adults.  Even if these two events are much unrelated, which they do seem to be, it spells trouble for Goodship and even more trouble for our soup designer sleuth.     

My Take:

Amy Beth Arkawy’s DEAD SILENT, is a twisty tale of mystery that will have you worried about The Quiet and about murder, while you turn pages hoping everyone will still be standing at the end!

Eliza Gordon is a widow whose grieving has stabilized into a steady ache with fewer tears but a cloak of sorrow remains.  However, her widowhood has also sprawled out into a wanting for change in life without the loss of her memories or the betrayal of them.  Given all this, her natural curiosity for crime solving tends to get in the way of real life’s changes, but a murder does provide refuge for her mind around a whodunit to give her some much-needed space to stop using therapy as a way to delay these changes.

I’m hooked on this series and look forward to the next Eliza Gordon mystery!


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