Book Review: IT ALL STARTED WITH A DOG (VOLUME 1) by Leigh Somerville

Publisher: Second Wind Press LLC

Published: April 10, 2012

Format: Paperback (238 pages)  

ISBN: 9781935171928

Origin: Author Recommendation

***Though others provide the free ebook, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Rachel Springer has everything she needs, including her own law practice, well-meaning friends, and the consummate companion who is with her during meditation, at work, and at home. 

Her commute to work is car free and a dream and so, as she sees it, her life is perfect.

Rachel has long ago accepted that life without love and a man is okay; however, her best friend doesn’t always agree.  This is why Rachel suspects Susan is up to no good when she asks, no tells, Rachel to rent half of her duplex to a man working with her husband.   

Susan, in all her pushing, brings this gentle man to see Rachel’s downstairs apartment that is not for rent, and although this man is a total stranger, Rachel’s dog Ralph automatically adores him.  To Rachel he is nice, but she’s into something that she doesn’t necessarily want, although is not set totally against, John Turner, she is against having a male around with Susan’s devilish agenda.

But maybe she could be nice to a nice man and ignore Susan’s matchmaking assaults.  She draws up a lease and sparks her loyal friend and administrative assistant’s ire.  Who is this and why are you renting him your space?  Once she convinced Georgia, a background check was not necessary for this man, as his references were already top-notch, Rachel’s own doubt surfaced.  

Meanwhile, John Turn is a widower turned loner and a twenty-year employee turned consultant.

To appease his children the he did the dating, but he did really like being unattached.  It’s not that he had been a bachelor weighted down by a family, but he had been a husband and father weighted down by an alcoholic wife. 

In the end, the drink killed her, but it had doused her spirit long ago.  

His five years alone taught him some things and allowed him to enjoy many things, but once he became a grandfather his traveling work sometimes took a toll.  He missed his grandson, Ben, who is five now, and it was hard having to put their relationship on hold when left for work.  Right now, John was in a proverbial catch 22 situation, although he lived in Washington D.C. before and was looking forward to living there again, the time away from Ben would be painful to both him and his grandson. 

He did like the woman who was attached to his short-term housing, but regret could still fill him about leaving even while he packed.

My Take:

Leigh Somerville’s IT ALL STARTED WITH A DOG is a story that will keep you wanting each to find happiness but the twists and turns that abound will have you biting your nails until the end! 

Rachel Springer is a caring woman who has simply accepted her lot in life but gives of herself to others without regret and with a fierce loyalty.  Taking in a stray dog is only the beginning of a wonderful character with a good heart.  You’ll meet a cast of others who this woman helps along the way.  However, in some instances, her law practice can show Rachel the wrong side of people, but she doesn’t lose the right side of herself.  

John Turner’s own parent’s alcoholic background made him an easy fit into a closet drunkard’s life.  However, he’s missed out of much in raising his own children.  A sad circumstance for him, but an even sadder one for his children.  Grateful for his second chance in child rearing with his grandson, John is a man who is realizing every day can be a gift but every gift can have a drawback.  Love is a wonderful feeling that pain can hide in and wanting to be with Ben is causing to him to second guess everything.

IT ALL STARTED WITH A DOG is a standalone novel that will leave you wanting to read the sequel, ALL GOOD THINGS: SEQUEL TO: IT ALL STARTED WITH A DOG VOLUME 2 (Second Wind Press 2012)!


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