Book Review: HOME FIRES by Lois Greiman

Publisher: Kensington

Published: May 28, 2013

Format: Paperback (288 pages)

ISBN: 9780758281227  

Series: Hope Springs

Origin: Publisher 

***Though the publisher provides the free ebook, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Casie “Head Case” Carmichael had more than her share of heartbreak, problems, and disappointments, but she’s back on her father’s farm, The Lazy, creating a life for herself and for others. 

Life taught Casie that no family is perfect,  her’s sure wasn’t.  However,  she still has a good heart, faith in those around her, and hope for a better life.  Although, this life doesn’t include romance.  Nope.  Casie Carmichael doesn’t need more heartbreak in that realm, she’d had enough.

Her home is a mishmosh of people, pets, horses, and problems . . . 

Emily’s baby is nearly due, Ty is the teen boy Casie saved from his abusive mother—the same mother who is trying to sue Casie for something Casie shouldn’t have done, but Sophie doesn’t come from the wrong side of the tracks.  Sophie hails from prestige, money, and parents who don’t pay her enough attention short of throwing cash her way. These people all share one thing in common . . . disappointment in family runs deep.

Maybe living all together solves the family issue, but their problems still abound and seem to come at the wrong time, at a high price, and never stop.  For instance, after Sophie steals a horse, Emily takes a can opener, and Ty steals emotions to cover his growing pains.  With these combined, the results are caustic, dangerous, and nearly deadly.

These people are blending into a family unit, after each of their old families created much baggage, heartbreak, and destruction.   However, Colt Dickenson being back in the area only adds to heartbreak and trust destruction for Casie.  

Okay.  Just because she asked him to leave didn’t mean she wanted him to toss her overboard all together.  Maybe she really wasn’t sure what she meant, and maybe she couldn’t expect him to guess it right either.  However, Colt’s being back and coming onto the Lazy brings this farm owner to a place she doesn’t want to visit again.  

She’s not afraid to admit she’s afraid, but she not afraid to admit she’s made a decision to be alone.  After she finds out Colt might have abandoned a pregnant woman and child, Casie is more than sure Colt Dickenson is just bad news, but his connection to the others on the Lazy is strong.  For them, he’s a good influence and a helpful mentor, providing he keeps his personal life away from them.  

Meanwhile, Casie goes in serious debt to save a horse, goes against the law to give a stolen equine a home, and needs a lawyer for both herself and Ty.  However, things get even worse once the only paying guest winds up hospitalized, needs surgery, and should sue Casie and The Lazy just to pay the bills. 


My Take:

Lois Greiman’s HOME FIRES is a read that keeps us guessing while it redefines family, love and living!  

Casie Carmichael is a refreshing character who is injured, but she gives animals and humans refuge and love.  This collection of wounded complement each other with their faults and their merits, while they learn that blood doesn’t always create the right circumstances.  Each of them shows us that growing up isn’t always easy but can be a healthy experience despite the landmine littered landscape they can find themselves in.  

Colt Dickenson isn’t all that bad.  In fact, I found his major fault was a hurt that occurred in the past that keeps him from moving forward much like Casie “Head Case” Carmichael.  

HOME FIRES by Lois Greiman is a standalone title, but you’ll enjoy this talented author and her lovable characters in FINDING HOME (Kensington 2012) until the next Hope Springs novel arrives.  


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