Book Review: KNEADING TO DIE by Liz Mugavero

Publisher: Kensington

Published: May 07, 2013

Format: 304 pages

ISBN: 9780758284785  

Series: Pawsitively Organic Mysteries

Origin: Publisher 

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Kristan “Stan” Connor is trying to turn a few bad things into a few good things, but she finds the bad just seems to follow her.  

She had loved her job at Warner Insurance, a job she lost due to the company president’s indiscretion that had been, um, uncovered.  She was in the public relations arena, but no spin in the world could cover-up the unrecoverable.  Rather than admonish himself, he excused Stan from her job.  

However, this work issue has come between her and her boyfriend, Richard Ruse.  

She met Richard at Warner, and he is still a VP in sales at the company.  However, Richard makes his thoughts on her move away from the city and other public relations jobs to Frog Ledge consistently known.  To him, this decision was foolhardy and a complete mistake.  Even on her move in day, his help is disgruntled, at best, and he wants her to move back to the city because of the public row they just witnessed between two women—at a new neighbor’s home—as if the same thing or worse wouldn’t happen in the city?  

After a brief disagreement, Richard leaves to meet a friend from Warner for drinks before they leave for the conference.  Well, actually, it was the same conference that Stan’s former job dictated that she attend too, and this was a point that Richard didn’t miss an opportunity to point out.

Truth was, the tension was so bad with him around that his leaving wasn’t all that sad.

After meeting a few friendly neighbors, Stan had the misfortune to meet the less welcoming party of one, who doubles as the town vet and acts like a drill sergeant, Dr. Carole Morganwick. 

This woman accuses Stan of not properly taking care of her cat, Nutty, because she didn’t already make an appointment with her.  Never you mind that Stan was fresh into this town and  her boxes were yet to be unpacked.  Dr. Morganwick ordered Stan to visit her with Nutty in the morning, stressing that because it was just a getting to know the animal appointment that she’d squeeze her in before the first scheduled patient. Normally, Stan’s mouth would have opened with some unpleasantness of her own, but she did her best to keep her words at bay and accepted the appointment.  

After all, what if Nutty got sick and she needed this vet’s assistance later?  For the sake of her feline charge, Stan could take this order and do what was told, um, asked of her.  More of the bad had visited her in her new home, but Stan was still determined to turn it around.  

In the morning, Stan and Nutty arrived at the office even before the receptionist, and this is where all of Stan’s new problems begin.

It wasn’t easy to find the vet down on the floor with a stick in her neck while covered in kibble, but it wasn’t an easy talk with the state police, who treated her like the suspect, either.  In fact, this woman trooper’s insinuations and warnings couldn’t have been missed.

This newbie wasn’t taking the rap.

Stan’s life depends on her ability to clear her name before someone clears Stan’s schedule permanently and sentences town animals to death.  

My Take:

In KNEADING TO DIE by Liz Mugavero, this author makes a successful and compelling foray into the cozy mystery market with a read you can’t put down!

Stan (Kristan) Conner is a smart, financial savvy woman who reaches a turning point in life. With time on her hands to think about what she wants and the ability to find it,  Stan’s burning desire to find this murderer accelerates, once town animals turn up sick.  I took an immediate liking to this sleuth; she will remind you of any number of real people that you could know.  Her love of animals is endearing, while her caring personality translates to mankind too, but her desire to find her niche in a changed environment is something we all can relate to.    

KNEADING TO DIE by Liz Mugavero is a great read that will teach you about Southern animal rescue groups, traditional and holistic animal health, and new thoughts about  animal kibble to ponder while you await the next book of this new series! 


4 responses to “Book Review: KNEADING TO DIE by Liz Mugavero

  1. Cynthia Blain

    Liz’s book sounds terrific and I am anxious to read it. I just hope that I live long enough to read all the stacks of books that I have on my to be read list 🙂 Keep up the good work Liz.

  2. Mwah ha ha ha! I’ve met that vet! –sounds like a fun read.

  3. Cristine, This is a fun book, and it’s such an interesting topic!

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