Book Review: KENTUCKY HOME by Sarah Title

Publisher: eKensington

Published: April 18, 2013

Format: ebook (197 pages)

Origin: Publisher through NetGalley (eGalley)

***Though the publisher provides the free ebook, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Luke Carson has more than a heart full of wanderlust, but even a good heart can move around. 

When a friend’s need mixes with his need for home, as short-lived as these home needs can be, Luke gets an idea.  But will it work?  Will she agree?

Mallory Thompson met Luke at charity functions, where he’s worked while she attended with her husband.  Although many people believe her life is to die for, Luke knows the truth.  He’s been a friend in her times of need and even this hasn’t made him run away from her.  She wondered how Luke would react to her black eye, and she wondered, if she was asking too much of anyone in this type of situation.  

However, she never expected this plan.

Pulling up to a horse farm in Kentucky, Mal wonders how someone this kind could come up with such a harebrained scheme, and other than fear, what prompted her to agree? A city girl coming to farm country was something you’d find in a romance novel or made for TV movie, but it was happening to her.  Here, they were pretend fiancée and betrothed coming home to meet the family, when the Carsons were really giving her a place to hide from an abusive husband who has grown slaphappy.  

Mal knows Luke’s heart is in the right place, but as she meets the Carson family, Mal wonders what Luke expected out of such an arrangement.  For that matter, other than being discovered and having her lies come back at her, what did she expect out of it?   Would Mr. Thompson finally give her the divorce?  Or will the harassment and abuse grow bolder?

Mallory also knows that she’s not imaging the strange looks and the dislike radiating from most of the Carson family members.  She also knows that those will only increase once they finally learn the truth about her and why she is really here.   She also knows and understands  Luke’s restlessness and about his search for something he can’t seem to find, but in just twenty-four hours, he leaves her in Kentucky and goes out on his own.  

Now, the family is acting even more strange, and she’s left to shoulder a lie that could cost her dearly—not counting what the three-legged pooch called peanut made her lose already, everything she’d eaten the night before.  

Her fear of dogs has long stood, but to have a dog maul your face with licks that show the teeth, first thing the morning, and to have a strange Carson brother in your bedroom as you panic, well, this could get any day off to a bad start anyway.  Convinced Mal needs to earn her keep, she tries to help Libby in the kitchen, but she’s shooed away since guests don’t work in this home.  With her friend, Luke, gone, she can’t just sit and mope all day, but the family thinks she’s moping because Luke up and left.  

To a small degree that is true, just not in the way they think.  

She has nothing to do with Luke gone and nothing to deter those uneasy feelings that living with a strange family can produce.  In other words, she’s bored, and she feels like a mooch. She’s determined to find work outside, but another meeting with Keith Carson, Luke’s brother, in the barn only confirms her original thought.  He looks great in jeans.  However, he has a likability factor that is almost as low as it could get, making Mal wonder if he was like this to all outsiders or just her.

Keith knows he’s been harsh to his brother’s girl, and it isn’t even her fault.  Not only did he lose his wife and baby a few years ago, he lost interest in life outside of the farm too.  Then Luke brings home a fiancée who wakes up his interest, and he needs to keep a safe distance.  

However, she wants to do work.  He can’t really fault her for that.  In fact, he likes her more for it.  She’s not one to mope around, and she believes in earning her keep.  However, this city girl would need more supervision during her work than he can afford to provide.  

Her jeans serve only as a reminder of how much he needs to keep his distance.  

She didn’t have them tight or even too stylish.  Mallory had those jeans on just right, for him. This woman, a barn, and those jeans are a dangerous mix for this Carson.

My Take:

KENTUCKY HOME by Sarah Title is a romance based on a lie, but it’s a book you must finish!  

I really liked meeting Luke and Mallory, but I fell in love with Keith Carson.  This widower has been dealt some harsh blows and manages to survive.  

Mal’s friend Luke Carson never gave a thought to all the potential problems that could lie ahead, and he certainly never expected any relationships to start.  However, you’ll find some punches between family, some accounting getting done, a romance blossoming, and gun shots firing, but you won’t stop reading to the very end.  

Sarah Title’s KENTUCKY HOME is a standalone novel, but you’ll look forward to her next title! 


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