Book Review: THE OTHER SIDE by Terry Tyler

Published: May 16, 2012

Format: ebook (310 pages)

Origin: Author

***Though the author provides the free ebook, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Meet Katya . . . 

At forty, unmarried, the manager of a trendy shop in London, and a somewhat journalist is seeking to have it all, in a mate.  

Katya Fox has reached what she conceives as the pinnacle of her career, but she wants more for her love life.  Sticking with her list she made in University has proven hard and has taken her out of her way at times, but she is got most of it ironed out, minus several faulty relationships.  However, once a friend tries to hook up Katya with a van driver, she can only see the faults in this matching.  Just because she hasn’t met anyone who meets her standards doesn’t mean she doesn’t have them.  What if . . .  

Meet Cathy . . .

Waking up on weigh-in Wednesday, Cathy opts for a dress hoping for less showing weight.  A few other women in her group would watch her weight gain after marriage with interest. However, Cathy’s marriage to Andy Froud had moved from a close family unit to a toxic relationship with the wealthy Froud family.  

Toxicity weaves into every family member in everyone else’s business and boredom from usual routines that included all Frouds in the grouping didn’t make it any easier either.  What if . . .

Meet Alexa . . .

Okay, it wasn’t the first time Alexa knew she hated Janey Hetherington, and it wasn’t the last time that she was angry because no one else saw she wanted Alexa’s life.

How did everyone miss it?

Alexa was happy with herself and her life before this woman seemed to force herself into everything.  She was always needing to see or talk to her husband Charlie, boo-hooing and all that while trying to run a business that wouldn’t have made it here before her boyfriend ditched her, necessitating Alexa’s best friend to sooth her too.  

Really, did she have to work at Alexa’s and Charlie’s establishment now?  Could these people actually want Janey to have her life? What if . . . 

Meet Sandy . . .

She stayed at the near commune living house even after Toby left her and drank even heavier. The plan suited her just fine.  It took some time for her to hook up with a left over from the hippie 1960’s.  It wasn’t planned, actually.  Soon, it was considered a relationship of sorts and generally accepted by all in the house but generally not questioned by even Sandy herself. However, on some mornings, Sandy knew she had to get out.  But how?  

Over forty, out of work for like years, and with low-end skills, how could she get out?  

What if . . . 


My Take:

THE OTHER SIDE by Terry Tyler begins as a snapshot of each life being lived but later chapters will complete the portrait!

I enjoyed many of these characters, some I could understand while others I would recoil, but I had to see this read through to a surprise ending.

You’ll find some past culture myths like the 1980’s one of have it all, painted in a place where all didn’t seem to be available.  And you discover the later version of the 1960’s easy going communal tide turned from free love to free loaders.  In this read, you’ll watch some good things become a bad turn, some bad things have a better turnabout, and some impossible things never materialize.

THE OTHER SIDE by Terry Tyler is standalone title, but it will leave you searching for this author’s work.  Check out Terry Tyler’s books, YOU WISH . . . (2011), NOBODY’S FAULT (2012), DREAM ON (2012), FULL CIRCLE (2013). 


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