Book Review: DEFENDING THE DUCHESS by Rachelle McCalla

Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense  

Published: March 5, 2013

Format: Paperback (224 pages)      

ISBN: 9780373445301         

Series: Protecting the Crown

Origin: Publisher through NetGalley (egalley)

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Julia Miller isn’t used to living in a palace, in a foreign land, and she certainly isn’t used to a bodyguard.  

The country of Lydia’s dangerous recent history left their queen not looking all that well in the aftermath.  Leaving her law practice behind to help her sister, now Queen Monica, Julia just needed something to feel normal.  She desired a jog without her handsome bodyguard, Linus Murati.  

However, the last thing this sibling wanted was to bring her sister more trouble, but trouble followed Julia here.

Running to catch up with the future Duchess, Linus wondered what part about an evening in translated into an unsecured jaunt?  A stealthy lawyer from the States, whom could be putting herself in danger, was outrunning this highly trained Royal Guard member. 

Albeit Linus understood her newness to the problems associated with being royalty, he also has seen way too much to believe she’ll be fine on her own.  Their last menace came from inside the palace walls, but there still could be outsiders connected to the dangers that have yet to be discovered.  If it weren’t so worrisome, it would be amusing to watch this woman out pace him and everyone else.  

Finally, he realized, she heard him calling.  

For him, it was just the luck of her running in sand that slowed her enough for him to even get close.  However, he wasn’t close enough to stop a man from kidnapping her.  

She was moved inside a bluff, being carried by masked man who had come from behind her.  

My Take:

In DEFENDING THE DUCHESS, Rachelle McCalla adds suspense and sprinkles it with romance in just the right measure! 

Julia Miller is a heroine who tries hard at being strong.  To her, sometimes strength involves keeping secrets, and those secrets can be costly.  Her coming to Lydia was to help her sister but maybe it also was to keep her troubles at bay.  

In the meantime, the bodyguard of the duchess, Linus Murati, doesn’t need to run outside the palace walls.  The confines of the palace contain his race.  His superior is aware, but the royal family must never know.  He wishes that he can run from is his young, not so clean past, but at every turn it seems to snag him, again.  

Rachelle McCalla’s DEFENDING THE DUCHESS is a standalone title. However, you’ll want to read more of this author’s work in PRINCESS IN PERIL (Love Inspired Suspense 2011), PROTECTING THE PRINCESS (Love Inspired Suspense 2012), PRINCE INCOGNITO (Love Inspired Suspense 2012), THE MISSING MONARCH (Love Inspired Suspense 2012), and A ROYAL MARRIAGE (LOVE INSPIRED HISTORICALS 2012).  ROYAL HEIST and THE SECRET PRINCESS will release later in 2013! 



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