Book Review: THE DESERT SHEIKH (Trilogy) by Katheryn Lane

Published: January 18, 2013

Format: ebook (154 pages)

Origin: Author

***Though the author provides the free ebook, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:


Who could have known that simple automobile troubles would lead Dr. Sarah Greenwich into more than inconvenience and another bill to pay?  It is a dose of perfect luck that the British Ambassador’s driver, whom she is friendly with, happens by and provides a lift.  However, this is exactly where all of her troubles really begin. 

Crews of armed men line the road in the desert, and because of the car, they identify her wrongly.   To save the friendly man, who drove her, she goes along with the kidnapper’s assumption and goes willingly with the kidnappers, hoping her future will turn out like many others’ pasts.  Once the money is paid, she is released, no harm done.  However, she can’t forget her real identity or the fear of what will happen once they find out she’s not whom she says.  It’s even harder to forget about the Sheikh and the emotions he stirs.



The handsome Sheikh and Sarah cement their love, after he arranges for Dr. Sarah Greenwich’s escape into safety, which came after she had fallen in love with him.  

For a short time, Sarah and her Sheikh husband are blissful.  However, what should be the best time in he life quickly spirals into a mess.  Yes, her husband is a powerful warlord, but he is working hard to bring the region together, peacefully.  Her employer doesn’t understand or care.  They want her gone, and her husband wants her medical expertise for his people in the desert instead.  

Can she accept his culture, his demands, and her lost position? Will he accept her need to help people, work outside of the desert, and her background that is not like his?


Book Three: THE SHEIKH’S SON . . .  

This Sheikh’s son has spent nine years in London with his Mum.  He’s been bullied, teased and harassed because who he is and who is missing from his life.  She wants so much more for her son, Ali. 

His Mum is probably the only still married, non-widowed, single mum she knows.  Working in the medical field gives her less time with him and more time without him.  Romance for her died a long time ago, and a father figure for him never existed.  Once someone knocks on her door, she’s about to be weighted down by major emotions and lots of questions.

Does her child have the uncanny ability to bring parents together?  Does he have the best of his mum and the best of his dad to make them give their love another try?  As much as she loves his father, will the whole new relationship hurt her son?

My Take:

THE DESERT SHEIKH (TRILOGY) by Katheryn Lane begins with a hint of mystery, blends in a huge dose of romance, but keeps true reality intruding on these characters!

I enjoyed learning culture and watching these lovers blossom, but I worried over the original relationship pitfalls that plague this exotic location.   Watching the highs and lows of these two characters kept the pages turning, but it was the couple’s trials that kept me invested in this read and pulling for these two to work out.   

Katheryn Lane’s THE DESERT SHEIKH TRILOGY will leave you looking forward to more of her titles such as THE SHEIKH’S BELOVED (Books 1 and 2) and HER LATIN LOVER!  For more information about this author, feel free to check out her blog at or check her out on Goodreads at


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