Book Review: IMPULSE (FACES OF EVIL) by Debra Webb

Publisher: Forever (Grand Central Publishing imprint of Hachette Book Group)

Published: March 26, 2013

Format: Paperback (268 pages)

Series: Faces of Evil Series

Origin: Publisher through NetGalley, (eGalley) 

***Though the publisher provides the free ebook, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

FBI Profile Agent Jess Harris is returning to Birmingham, although she’s coming back with her tail between her legs.  

In her last case, she was disgraced, played a fool, and more doubts about the motive behind her mistakes are about to surface.  Unfortunately, the good rapport she had with supervisor, Gant seems strained beyond repair in the FBI, and a new relationship with an old flame, soon to be new boss, might mix business with pleasure only to create more career decreasing issues.  

However, Jess Harris and her problems are really just only beginning.

One of the main suspects of her last case, Eric Spears, has been cleared and is considering filing charges against her.  His claims are coming up startling true when nothing is the truth. And no matter how many times the FBI insists Eric Spears is not the sadistic murderer known as the Player, Jess knows that he is exactly that, until the murders begin here in Birmingham and Spears whereabouts is confirmed to be miles and miles away.  

Now, everything Jess knew she is calling into to question, and she chooses to not get fired by the FBI.  Instead, she resigns, accepts her former lover’s proffered position in the Birmingham Police Department—despite the eye stares the rest of the BPD is throwing her way. This department needs her profiling skills, and a new friend from the force needs her help. The Player has taken Detective Lori Wells, and the investigation has grown to include a joint task force of the FBI and other law enforcement agencies, complicating the already complicated relationships further.  

Once another woman is discovered tortured and barely alive, Jess knows exactly what will happen to her friend, Detective Wells.  

However, the next victim could have been Jess’s sister or her niece, and she can’t get them to leave town even after another woman’s dead body is discovered.   Jess is becoming increasingly fearful the Player will kill all the people in her life.  

Should she leave to keep them safe?  Or should she stay to help bring down this sicko?


My Take:

IMPULSE (Faces of Evil series) by Debra Webb is a thrilling read!

Debra Webb has created characters you’d love to get to know, combined them into a story that don’t quit, but adds more twists than the reader will ever think of.   I did enjoy getting to know Jess Harris and her old flame, Police Chief Dan Burnett.  These two go through periods of pulling away and betraying their logic by getting closer, but it’s the ending where they maybe figure out a logical way together.  Maybe.

However, I must give a warning.  This read contains much graphic, gratuitous violence perpetrated by the most perverse, sadomasochistic killer.

Debra Webb’s IMPULSE (FACES of Evil series) is a standalone novel that will keep you up late nights and have you wonder about the person standing beside you on the bus the very next day.  Meanwhile, you will hurry to get the other books in the Faces of Evil Series including OBSESSION (Forever 2013), POWER (Forever 2013) until the new series books are published later this year titled RAGE (Forever 2013), REVENGE (Forever 2013), and RUTHLESS (Forever 2013).  


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