Book Review: THE MILLIONAIRE’S WIFE by Cathy Scott

Publisher: St. Martin’s True Crime

Published: March 27, 2012

Format: Paperback (256 pages)

ISBN: 9780312594350

Origin: Author

***Though the author provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Walking back to his Upper East Side apartment in New York City, George Kogan didn’t know what hit him.  Quickly, he became sure it was indeed fatal.

George Kogan led a life that many could dream about, but he also led a life that was dubious with business and business connections.  With two children, a faithful wife, and many successful businesses, how did his life turn bad enough that murder was the opted choice?  

Who did it and why?

Although there could have been many suspects and many reasons, the one reason that sticks out for police is the one odds-on favorite.  The jilted wife.  

Man and wife were in the middle of a bitter divorce battle because George Kogan chose a younger woman who worked for his wife.  Thus, this also is the inside story of how Barbara Kogan became heartbroken, bitter, and mentally unstable.  Her children were young adults, both boys, and she leaned emotionally heavy on one child to get her through it.  William tried to bridge the gap between two parents.  Could he?

Unfortunately, he never did get to find out.

George Kogan was gunned down in broad daylight on just the morning he was to speak with William to hammer out a divorce agreement that would bring his mother an amicable divorce close and begin to heal the divide between the father and son’s relationship.  This settlement didn’t happen.  William’s mother grows more unstable and the police grow more suspicious.  

How long does it take to solve this crime?

Solving a case like this can take many twists, ending up in many places, taking even more turns than a mystery novel, and monopolizing many more days than anyone would dream, but when the end comes, there may be many questions left unanswered and many suspects never fully known.  However, there also could be many more questions just beginning with the ending.

My Take:

THE MILLIONAIRE’S WIFE: The True Story of a Real Estate Tycoon, his Beautiful Young Mistress, and a Marriage that Ended in Murder by Cathy Scott will keep you in suspense!

Inside the investigation, you’ll find nuggets of information, jewels of facts, and thorns of guilt.  You’ll even find many unsavory characters and questions on the deceased character traits and behaviors during life.  However, the real questions you’ll discover will be about motive, opportunity, and the odds of the police being right.  As the reader is a latecomer to this investigation, the author will bring you up-to-speed in how this all played out and if the case makes sense.  You won’t put the book down, when other people come into the equation and deny activity, but the reader will wonder about plea deals and testimony, and whether justice is really justice.   

Apparently, no one but the lawyers could see the end and some didn’t seem to fully understand why this ending arrived. 

Cathy Scott’s true crime writing is thorough and will bring you right into the investigation, family, lawyers, trial, and questions.  While you await her newest project, I’m sure you’ll want to read this author’s other true crime works—A KILLER IN OUR MIDST (True Crime Short 2011), TUPAC: THE LEGEND LIVES ON (Crime Short 2011), THE KILLING OF TUPAC SHAKUR (Plexus 2008), THE MURDER OF A MAFIA DAUGHTER: THE LIFE AND TRAGIC DEATH OF SUSAN BERMAN (Barricade Books 2002),  DEATH IN THE DESERT: THE TED BINION HOMICIDE CASE  (AuthorHouse 2001), THE MURDER OF BIGGIE SMALLS (St. Martin’s Press 2000)!


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