Book Review: IMAGES OF BETRAYAL by Claire Collins

Publisher: Second Wind Press LLC

Published: August 22, 2008

Format: Paperback (256 pages)  

Origin: Author Recommendation 

***Though others provide the free ebook, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

The teen year pressures for Tysan Reynolds should be about what boy she’s dating, what she’s wearing to the prom, and who is taking her to their prom, but Tysan’s reality is far from what other teens are living.  

In the middle of her parent’s divorce, Tysan is used as a pawn to a mother who wants her husband to pay and a father who can’t handle the pressure.  Forced to leave her school and work full-time, just to keep a roof over her head, Tysan is employed at a diner. While pursuing another relationship, her dad leaves his daughter and calls to say he’s not coming back. However, Tysan has made some friends during her employment, and she even has a woman whom often tries to be a stand-in mom.  

Soon, she meets a man who has the ability to change her life.

Walker is a young, fairly handsome man who seems to show up at the right time. He talks to Tysan and leaves her wondering about him.  She goes about her life, in the meantime, but he seems to still pop-up.   She’s ready for a Walker in her life, maybe.  However, she isn’t ready for everything he shows her.

Realization dawns and she knows that he is telling the truth about taking pictures of her at school.  In fact, she does remember seeing him.  However, can she believe her missing portrait?  

Does he really know what is in store for her?  Can an object tell the future?   Are his pictures really worth a thousand foretold words? 

Who is this mystery man walking around flashing photos of destruction? 


My Take:

IMAGES OF BETRAYAL by Claire Collins is a mystery that will keep you reading with a touch of paranormal that will keep you believing!

I admired Tysan’s strength and her maturity that scoped beyond her years.  An understanding of her bad circumstances mixing with the thought of her finding love, led me think everything would seem to be okay in the end, until the man in her life goes beyond a mystery.   This mystery grabs hold of Tysan and the reader, but the end is something neither would see coming.  

Claire Collins penned a standalone novel in IMAGES OF BETRAYAL that will leave you wanting to read her other title: FATE AND DESTINY (Second Wind Press 2009)!


2 responses to “Book Review: IMAGES OF BETRAYAL by Claire Collins

  1. What a great review! Thank you!

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