Book Review: GETTING SKINNY by Monique Domovitch

Publisher: Carina Press

Published: February 4, 2013

Format: ebook (222 pages)

File Size: 442 KB  

Series: A Chef Landry Mystery

Origin: Publisher through NetGalley, (eGalley) 

***Though the publisher provides the free ebook, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Chef Nicky Landry is high on life. Her new restaurant is open—it’s a collaborative effort with her best friend and fellow chef, Toni.   Also, tonight is their first ever event!  

Even more special is that this party is for her soon-to-be fiancé, Rob.  Although the engagement is not official, yet, his muffled conversation with whoever is on the phone involves the word ring, and he’s been awfully secretive too.   This night had to be perfect; it would change the rest of her life.  

However, Nicky is having much trouble keeping her head out of the clouds. Without advance warning, different scenarios of how he is going to propose tease and taunt her, sending her into a lovesick trance.

If it wasn’t for the staff and Toni, everything wouldn’t be coming together and speaking of falling apart, Nicky’s weight problems are losing her wardrobe choices faster than she can afford new clothes. The constant testing of recipes and ingredients has expanded her waistline even more. Tonight’s outfit features strategically placed pins and a full body slimmer, of sorts.  However, breathing does seem to present a problem.  Well, between her outfit and her frazzled nerves, this is one night that not eating won’t be a problem.     

Meanwhile, the event starts out perfect, but ends in heartbreak, as Nicky overhears a conversation in which Rob’s cheating is exposed. And she is called fat. 

Stunned, as Rob tries to sweet-talk his way out of his mess, she wonders why she never saw this manipulative side to the man before.  Despite his proffered confession that the sex didn’t mean anything to him and neither did the girl and that it was Nicky he loved, she told him to pack his stuff and go.

Toni shows up at the right time, brings enough alcohol to have Nicky pass out, and cleans the kitchen.

Hours passed before Nicky returns home.

Anger assaults her as she discovers Rob’s things still around her house.  Is he that sure that she will take him back?  He has another think coming.  She.  Is. Done. With. Him.  Nicky lets her miniature pooch outside for her nightly pee-pee and finds her former boyfriend’s lifeless eyes staring back at her.  It’s her knife sticking out of his chest! 

Now, the police suspect Nicky of murder, and she’s out to clear herself. 

However, running an eatery, discovering another body, hiring a criminal attorney—one she can’t afford, and uncovering a drug ring all do have some slimming benefits, providing she can stay alive to enjoy them.


My Take:

GETTING SKINNY by Monique Domovitch is a laugh out loud cozy with some deadly ingredients!

I enjoyed getting to know Chef Nicky Landry and found her a formidable sleuth.  She finds clues, reaches wrong decisions, and considers everyone a murder suspect, but she gets does it all right in the end and solves the mystery in the most unexpected way. If you’re looking for fun, mystery, excitement, and great food, you’ll enjoy GETTING SKINNY, and you will look forward to the next Chef Nicky Landry mystery!

In GETTING SKINNY, Monique Domovitch includes recipes for a flavorful mix of enjoyment, and since even I wasn’t able to mess these up, I know you’ll do fine.   


2 responses to “Book Review: GETTING SKINNY by Monique Domovitch

  1. Hi Eleanor, I love your reviews, Do you have Amazon links for this book?

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