Book Review: THE AFFAIR by Colette Freedman

Publisher: Kensington

Published: January 29, 2013

Format: Paperback (352 pages)

ISBN: 9780758281005

Origin: Publisher 

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Kathy Walker’s resentment built, as she climbed the stairs. Taking a shower, Robert was oblivious to what she was doing and what she did every year—sending out the company Christmas cards without any of his help.  Kathy is the K in R&K and she helped him build the business in their early years, and then kids came along.  She was regulated to being the mother and the courier of the kids, and they settled into this he goes to work and she stays home routine.  However, Robert just doesn’t get how much work she does at home and how much she could use his help sometimes.  With his own company to run, her husband is never home and that only makes life for her much harder.  At times, she’s mother, father, chauffeur, and all around errand person, and it gets to be just too much.  

She had four Christmas cards remaining that she didn’t have addresses for and figured he’d have them in his newfangled phone.  Yep, he had kept her up one night showing her how to work it and that knowledge did come in handy right now.  Kathy’s made it to the B’s and found something she wasn’t expecting.  Why was this woman listed in his new phone?  And what did that red flag mean?

He came out of the shower and heard the patter of feet going downstairs.  He figured it was Kathy.  Peering into the bedroom he knew it for sure.  What had happened to them?  She helped him at the beginning and they gleefully left the business once the kids came along. Now, he was near to burning out and the company was close to going under.  If it hadn’t been for Stephanie it would have sunk this year.  Stephanie’s been passing business to his company and he’s been passing himself to her.  Guilt still stung, sometimes.  What would he ever do if Kathy found out?  He knew Kathy didn’t love him anymore.  His wife had shown that in so many ways.  Stephanie made him feel excitement, passion, and alive.  When was the last time Kathy and him even had sex?  That question was just another way he knew she didn’t love him.  She probably was staying in this dead-end marriage for the kids.  Wasn’t that the reason he was still here?  Besides she’d abandoned not only him but also R&K.  To Kathy the K was just a letter, now.   

Stephanie Burroughs had left the office.  Soon, Christmas was near and her mother wants her to visit.  Every year it’s the same.  She doesn’t seem to fit in with her family and probably never would.  Maybe Robert would be around on Christmas?  She promised her best friend that she’d tell him it’s now or never and truth told she was ready for the answer.  She loved Robert and she was in love with Robert.  Yes, he was technically married, but she knew they were only together for the kids.  He’s told her he loves her a million times and maybe now it’s time to show it.  

Meanwhile, after this last gig, she’d have to stop sending him business.  She was waiting until they sorted things out before she’d told him that.  How could she ruin his Christmas that way? She’d felt so bad that he was so close to losing what he’d built.  At least this way, she’d given him time to think it through, and he must’ve realized that closing the company was the best course of action.   He hasn’t talked about it they way he used to, and he wasn’t as depressed.

After all, she’d taken a huge risk with her own career to help him, and her boss found out about it too.  

Someone had told him about Robert’s and her relationship, and he was not happy.  Luckily, she’d done everything as right as she could.  Robert had been the most competitive bid and the best choice, but he did his own evaluation and found out that it was so.   He was disappointed that she became personally involved, and Stephanie had to assure him that due to Robert’s and her relationship she would not send further business his way.   He was okay with that.  She didn’t lose her career, but she would have to do some damage repair anyway. Robert and her making things official would go a long way in that department too. 

Right now, her whole world seemed to revolve around Robert, and in truth, it did.  He made her feel so special.  She wasn’t expecting to find her real love for the first time in her life at her ripe old age, but it happened anyway.   She smiled.  She does that often when she thinks of her future with Robert.  Why his wife threw him aside is something Stephanie could never understand.  


My Take:

THE AFFAIR by Colette Freedman is an intimate look inside a marriage on the rocks.  This author really does show that there are three sides to every marriage story—his, hers, and the truth.  

Although truth is subjective, upon the telling, it is Kathy Walker’s that resonated with me. However, I didn’t see Stephanie Burroughs as a home wrecker either and neither does Kathy. Robert’s truth is somewhat selfish in nature, but given his circumstances, you can see how he ended up in this situation.  He’s the wounded bird that Stephanie is helping, and he’s a husband and father to a family who needs him to keep them in the standard of which they are living. Meanwhile, Kathy tries to get the marriage back on some standing and faces some hard truths of her own, but Robert’s too deep in his own situation to see it. However, the end is something you won’t see coming!    

Colette Freedman’s THE AFFAIR is a standalone novel, but you will look forward to her next title.


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