Book Review: EASTER BUNNY MURDER by Leslie Meier

Publisher: Kensington

Published: January 29, 2013

Format: 304 pages

ISBN: 9780758229359  

Series: A Lucy Stone Mystery

Origin: Publisher 

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Lucy Stone loves spring, and she’s looking forward to the annual Easter egg hunt with her grandson.  Although, this year, something here just feels off.  

No attendants greet them, but people followed the instructions from the past and didn’t block the entrance. Usually, Tinker Cove is abuzz about the annual event, but she’s heard some rumors that she’s brushed off as just that—until she stands outside the gates of VV’s plush estate, which wasn’t so much plush anymore.   In years gone by, Lucy’s marveled at the grounds, but this year, the expansive greens and wondrous beds look beaten, weathered, and worn.  

As the crowd grows waiting for the event to begin, Lucy’s still trying to understand what is happening to the grounds.  

Soon, the butler was coming to the gate and the Easter Bunny walked out the front door, dropping eggs along the way.  The kids became excited and the parents couldn’t wait for their little bundles to scoop up their prizes, looking too cute in their attire.  That is until the Easter Bunny did something unexpected.  

The Easter Bunny collapsed just beyond the gate. It wasn’t planned, cute, or even funny.

Stunned people gained the senses and began to sooth their crying children, wondering if these kids were scarred for life after witnessing the real death of the Easter Bunny.  Would Easter ever be the same?  With the bunny head removed, Lucy knew immediately who lie lifeless on the ground.  This year’s Easter Bunny had been Van Vorst Duff, VV’s grandson.

Now, the questions shuffled through Lucy’s mind.  Did someone want to kill a hapless Easter Bunny, whomever was in the suit, or did someone want to kill Van?  Why?   

Lucy Stone finally remembered she was the press and grabbed her camera, taking shots as the ambulance arrived.  She knew they sent an ambulance but they needed the coroner’s wagon instead.  

It had probably been the shock that had Lucy thinking murder because Van’s death had been labeled natural causes.   Sadly, his death at a young age has Lucy thinking about wills for her and her husband, but he wants nothing to do with the subject.  It’s not that they had much to leave their children, but Lucy thought things should be left at least tidy for them in the end.  

Anyway, Van’s death was still a headline story and became a bigger one once his ex, Maxine, walks into the Pennysaver office with her story.  

According to Maxine, Victoria, her husband, and their attorney are abusive toward the elderly VV and steal from her estate.   They also killed Van!  Although Maxine had no proof about their part in Van’s death, she does present a good case of elder abuse going on at the estate.

Lucy is determined to get into the estate and becomes the hired help.  

This story becomes even more bizarre when friends and family are kept away from VV and the few seconds Lucy did see the elderly woman only gave confirmation to the elder abuse claim. However, once Maxine comes into the mansion, a family dust-up ensues.  She not only states her claims of abuse in front everyone, but she doesn’t hold back on her murder accusation either.

When Maxine is dead, Lucy is sure this was murder!  


My Take:

Leslie Meier does it again with the EASTER BUNNY MURDER!  Knee deep in another death or two, Lucy Stone still pulls you into her story while you gather the clues along with her, wondering if this road leads to a dead-end or another murder.  You’ll stay up late just to find out! 

Lucy is my kind of sleuth.  She’s a wife, mother, employee, and a snoop with a nose for a story and eye for detail.  These attributes fit her profession well, but they can lead her headfirst into danger as everyone is not always who they seem to be.  Her town is small but lively except for those who are dead, of course. 

EASTER BUNNY MURDER by Leslie Meier is a standalone novel and is available for preorder! However, you’ll want to hunt for clues in this author’s other titles including: CHOCOLATE COVERED MURDER (Kensington 2012), BACK TO SCHOOL MURDER (Kensington 2012), TIPPY TOE MURDER (Kensington 2012), ENGLISH TEA MURDER (Kensington 2011), CHRISTMAS COOKIE MURDER (Kensington 2011), WEDDING DAY MURDER (Kensington 2011), and more!  


2 responses to “Book Review: EASTER BUNNY MURDER by Leslie Meier

  1. Excellent review! I will look for this book series after reading this 🙂

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