Book Review: HOW HARD CAN IT BE by Robyn Peterman

Publisher: eKensington

Published: January 17, 2013

Format: ebook (265 pages)

Origin: Publisher through NetGalley (eGalley)

***Though the publisher provides the free ebook, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Rena Gundershlict’s life consists of a career she enjoys at a job she hates and her faithful, Vinnie.  We’ll speak more about Vinnie later.

Rena searching for an excitement that corporate America doesn’t provide.  She’s recently out of trouble for the weather girl mix-up that would have never happened if she didn’t listen to Oprah. But, I digress.  Rena’s onto a new career, of sorts.  She’s keeping the accounting bit until her new life takes off, but she’s walking into the first step of being a romance writer.  

This group—the one that the best-selling romance writer, Evangeline O’Hara, is supposed to be a part of—is mainly made up of seniors, and there was no sign that the author was here or no announcement that the author was expected either.  Rena sits quietly and listens, but she is walloped at the conversational topics including handcuffs, lover recipes, threesomes, and sexy uses for hardware?  Really?  Maybe Vinnie could use something to help in his solo job?  

However, when the women turn their attention to Rena, she starts spouting a story that comes from nowhere and makes little sense, but these generous ladies are nothing but encouraging—even providing her further ideas for a threesome.  Not that she was opposed to the topic in her novel, but since she didn’t really have a novel, it kinda was a moot point.

The meeting takes an even stranger turn once Rena brings up the bestselling author.  Their smiles turned to growls and their sweet voices moved to accusation, as they demanded to know if Rena was friends with the viper!  

Luckily, it all calmed down but Rena was more confused than ever.  Why would these sweet ladies despise this author so much?  

It didn’t take long to find out.

This viper radiated evil and these nice ladies shook with fear, all the while pushing Rena behind the group to keep her safe.  Trying to help her new-found friends, Rena goes on to meet the novelist and finds herself earning money to buy a new car by helping the author.  

Here’s where the problems really begin.  Rena is asked to run an errand.  A simple errand that shouldn’t cause a fear, but due to the restraining order, after her television station debacle, this one errand can become money lost and an arrest record.  Sure, with a little help, she can dodge the arrest; Rena accepts the errand.  However, she wasn’t counting on seeing the sexist man alive.  

Unfortunately, he did take notice of her, and his notice could brand her all for him.  However, this lust a first sight ends badly.  

Once Detective Jack Careena figures out who she is, he’s slapping cuffs on her.  Real cuffs. Ultimately, he finds the pickle she’s in rather amusing, and he’s not dismissing a lustful relationship with her either.  Maybe things won’t be so bad, after all?

On the way back from the police station, Rena finds out that those jewels she didn’t steal has the Viper on her with the threat of  blackmail.  She’ll help the author for free or face charges. Now the many things that she’s heard about this author is beginning to make sense.  She’s been blackmailing these women too.  

Fine, Rena’s pulling the next story from her butt and bringing this woman down!  


My Take:

HOW HARD CAN IT BE by Robyn Peterman is an over-the-top, zany parody based on the romance writing world with romance and bits of suspense built into it!  

Rena Gundershlict is a young for her age thirty-year-old, and her search for the job that will make her happy gets her into some hysterical situations.  However, throughout all the craziness, you’ll find Rena quite lovable.  It takes a group of elderly writers, a hot and grounded detective, and an aunt who believes in Bigfoot to bring about the right career path and a wonderful life for Rena.  However, it takes Rena’s abilities and courage to save her friends from the Viper for Rena to find herself.   

Even though HOW HARD CAN IT BE by Robyn Peterman is a standalone novel, you’ll look forward to the next adventure from Robyn Peterman! 


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