Book Review: TRACKING JUSTICE by Shirlee McCoy

Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense  

Published: January 2, 2013        

Format: Paperback (224 pages)      

ISBN: 9780373445202            

Origin: Publisher through NetGalley (egalley)

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Police detective Austin Black and his tracker dog, K-9 partner—Justice— arrive on scene. In fact, they were the first responders.

For Austin, it’s never about just routine.

A missing child call doesn’t become easier and the fact that some of those missing never go home never gets old either. These worried mothers and hurting families’ bruise his heart every time and leave more than a few sleepless nights ahead. However, this worried mother was just as determined to be there for her missing son, Brady, as Austin was on finding him. She’s even brought out a coat for when he is found. The more time spent on trying to deter her brings a higher possibility that Brady’s trail will grow cold. Caving in to those beautiful, pained eyes, Austin couldn’t turn her down and couldn’t let Brady down either.

She accompanies him but with an understanding that his first priority is to find Brady, and if she can’t keep up, he’ll radio for her escort back and keep on going forward. She’s more than happy with this deal.

Meanwhile, to Eva Billows, nobody was moving fast enough!

She last saw her son at her midnight check and everything was fine. Brady was asleep. At two, Eva heard Brady’s call, and she found his window open and Brady gone. This detective and his bloodhound are the only hope she has of finding her son and knowing how he’s been taught to stay away from strangers, Eva knows Brady might not respond to the detective. Brady is cold, scared, and in trouble, and if he is out in those woods, she needs to be out there too.

Guilt overtook Eva. Tonight, Brady had been quiet, but he didn’t say much with her prompting either. Figuring he was getting sick, she left him alone and didn’t insist he talk to her about what was bothering him. His sitter hadn’t mentioned anything, but she did say he seemed subdued.

However, Detective Austin Black gave her start, when he started asking her about the dog. Eva had heard about Slade’s dog, but at the mention of that crime and her son’s kidnapping in the same breath dread roiled within her. 

What did a police trained dog and Brady have in common? Why would anyone take her son?


My Take:

TRACKING JUSTICE pumps up the adrenaline and tightens the romance! 

Shirlee McCoy’s hero, Austin Black, has a past that pulls him into his job. Tracking is his life, and he’s already found out the hard way that many women couldn’t share in that. They want him for birthdays and events, but his work didn’t always allow that. Sure, he has a casual date, now and then, but he keeps his distance. His job choice excludes him from the life and family that he wants, although he wished he knew that before he restored his old Victorian house.

In the meantime, single mother, Eva Billows, tries hard to keep Brady’s life stable, something she never had growing up. Brady’s father is the one major mistake in her life, but Brady was not a mistake. Her son is her world. Early on Eva decided she’d rather parent alone then allow Brady to suffer from any relationship mistakes she would make.

TRACKING JUSTICE puts together a hero and heroine with rocky pasts that keep them alone, reminding each that love and family is just a dream. However, they must learn to trust themselves and each other when the stakes are high.

Standalone title, TRACKING JUSTICE, is book one of the continuity series Texas K-9 Unit. You’ll want to read the upcoming books in this mini-series: DETECTION MISSION by Margaret Daley (Feb 2013), GUARD DUTY Sharon Dunn (Mar 2013), EXPLOSIVE SECRETS by Valerie Hansen (Apr 2013), SCENT OF by Terri Reed DANGER (May 2013), LONE STAR PROTECTOR by Lenora Worth (June 2013)!

Also, you’ll want to read Shirlee McCoy’s other Love Inspired reads including NAVY SEAL RESCUER, UNDERCOVER BODYGUARD (Love Inspired Suspense April 2012), THE LAWMAN’S LEGACY (Love Inspired Suspense January 2012), and PRIVATE EYE PROTECTOR (Love Inspired Suspense November 2011).



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