by Pat Bertram

Publisher: Second Wind Publishing

Published: October 5, 2009

Format: Paperback (304 pages)

ISBN: 9781935171195

Origin: Author

***Though the author provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Mary Louise Stuart tried to understand what the attorney told her, but it’s a blow to find out the grandparents thought dead had been very much alive, for most of your life, but are now dead—for real.

Why did she have to find out from a lawyer, when her father and mother were still very much alive? Why did her father lie? Did her mother know the truth?

Her fiancée, Bill, didn’t seem worried over much more than what her grandparents left her, until he saw it, while Mary wanted to know more about those she never knew about. The ransacked house greeted her questions with more questions.

Who would kill her grandparents and why?

A small address book, photos, and gold coins ignite a passion and sets Mary on a quest for the truth.

Since her father wouldn’t speak about it and her mother knew that her grandparents were alive but claims not much else, Mary is going to find out about them through those who did know them.

One by one, Mary Stuart finds a ragtag bunch of elders—some syndicate guys and one sweet lady—all who knew her grandparents. Maybe they will help Mary solve the mystery surrounding why they died.

But is Mary ready to know all about her grandparents or why their story ends in murder?

My Take:

DAUGHTER AM I by Pat Bertram is a story about the collision of past and present sparking a future that would not have been possible without a journey.

You’ll meet these senior characters, learn their stories and discover how they interconnect to form a complete picture of Mary’s puzzle. For Mary, these people show her another time, unique perspectives, fresh family ties, and a new dream.

DAUGHTER AM I by Pat Bertram is a standalone novel, but you’ll want to read Pat Bertram’s other works. A SPARK OF HEAVENLY FIRE by Pat Bertram (Second Wind Publishing 2008), MORE DEATHS THAN ONE by Pat Bertram (Second Wind Publishing 2009), LIGHT BRINGER by Pat Bertram (Second Wind Publishing, 2011), and GRIEF: THE GREAT YEARNING by Pat Bertram (Second Wind Publishing 2012).


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