by Delia Rosen

Publisher: Kensington

Published: December 4, 2012

Format: Paperback (256 pages)

ISBN: 9780758241726

Series: A Deadly Deli Mystery

Origin: Publisher 

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Gwen’s personal life has reached a crossroads.  Her relationship with detective Grant Daniels has more familiarity than zest in it, and Gwen wants to end it.

Meanwhile, Gwen “Nashville” Katz has a lot things going on, as a new hire just came on board, A J Two was home from college and would cover swing, and the Repeat Returners Club was her first batch of customers this morning.  As if all of that wasn’t enough to give her a headache, her inventory control man set up his own business, leaving her in a lurch by failing to place a special order of rye bread from McCoy’s bakery.  This special order was for the all important Best and Worst Committee Luncheon in which Nash was hoping Murray’s Deli would be voted The Best Mid-Range Restraurant in Nashville, save for the missing bread for her spread.   

Now, this deli owner was in a verbal joust with Brenda McCoy over a same day order that Nash was willing to pay any amount to get.  However, Brenda insists that such an order isn’t possible.  Trying to use her routine orders as leverage, Nash got a bit snippy with Brenda. How can fifteen loaves be this difficult for a bakery on short notice? Finally, McCoy’s agreed to deliver the order early on the next morning.

It was cutting it close, but still it could be done.  

The next morning brought her a fresh perspective, not about the detective.   It is also supposed to bring Gwen her new loaves.  She arrived to a message that the bread was on its way but that was a while ago.  

Opening the back door, Nash could see the McCoy’s delivery truck.  It must’ve been a long five minutes, but at least the bread was here now.  The stillness gave her pause, but she thought Joe Silvio was still in the truck’s rear, placing the orders in some sort logical delivery order. Maybe the shuffle of bags prevented him from hearing her.  Nash moved to the back of the truck, calling out his name.  

She saw Joe was in the driver’s seat.  Now, inside the truck, Nash gathered her bags.  Was he sleeping?  Trying to gain his attention without giving him a start, she gently called his name and headed toward the front.  All she cared about was signing for this special order and making what she needed for the luncheon.  Was he that much of a heavy sleeper?

Suddenly, her feet came out from under her.  Had he spilled something?  

It was only when her eyes land on Joe that she realizes someone else spilled this man’s blood. In the messy truck still, it wasn’t until she heard her employee’s voice did the shock wane, but the other symptoms intensified.  Nauseous and lightheaded, she managed to make her way out.  

It was true this deli owner wanted the media attention that winning this award would provide and the business it would generate, but this would be the worse kind of media attention.  It will be deadly to her business.  

Soon, sirens and lights brought the onlookers and the media types. The headlines were to follow.  

Things only got worse from here as Brenda McCoy’s brother, also a police officer, places Nash on the suspect list with unsubstantiated allegations of a tawdry affair between her and Joe Silvio, using the heated exchange between Brenda and Nash as evidence of motive.  

This deli owner would have done anything to win the Best award, except murder.  

The problem was this wasn’t the first murder that threatened her establishment but would it be the last? 



My Take:

Delia Rosen brings Gwen “Nashville” Katz near the breaking point in A KILLER IN THE RYE, but she keeps herself sane enough to sleuth through it all.

The native New Yorker returns in Gwen, and Nash realizes how much she’s missed herself.  In fact, that cynical scope is able to see through this twisted puzzle.   Gwen will keep you entertained while you sleuth with her, and you’ll find Nashville has a deadly streak along with its Southern hospitality.  You will enjoy the delicious recipe at the end too!

Although A KILLER IN THE RYE is a standalone novel, you’ll want to read the other books of this series:  ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVY (Kensington 2011) and A BRISKET, A CASKET (October 2010) while you wait for FROM  HERRING TO ETERNITY to release in August 2013! 


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