by: Jill Elizabeth Nelson              

Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense  

Published: November 27, 2012        

Format: Paperback (224 pages)      

ISBN: 9780373445165           

Origin: Publisher through NetGalley (egalley)

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Ex-Army ranger and current apartment house maintenance worker, Maddie Jameson knew any assassin could get her any day.  However, today’s job was to be the easy kind of thing on a usual kind of day.  

Maddie’s instincts told her today was going to be anything but normal, once she realized what she’d had seen.  

However, she barely had time to react when two male figures opened the door.  On the good side, that bomb hadn’t been planted in this room, as she feared, but it was somewhere.  The bad thing was that Maddie figured today just might be her last.   It didn’t take long for her to confirm she was made, and if she survived this battle, Maddie had to go to ground. 

The news told her where the bomb did go off. A car bomb killed the reporter.  Had Chris found her?  Did he lead them to Maddie? 

This reporter was the reason that her whole unit died in Rio and her heart died too—grief over her fellow rangers, mixing with guilt and anger to consume her.  She knew the treasonous embed traded their coordinates for accolades and led them all to slaughter.

Maybe she still felt too much cause her mind became numb.  

After Maddie spoke to the police, she took a bag and cash.  They’d soon find out all about Maddie and they’d connect her to the dead reporter, in quick order.  Her army training and her gut feelings always planned ahead for a day like this.  It wasn’t the first, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last.  

She was the last one still breathing and someone feared her connecting the dots.  

How little did they know? She was as damaged as the day was long. Her memory was as defective as a crashed hard drive.  Everything was gone but minor images, only flashes really, and these taunted her.  

After winding down false routes and vehicles, Maddie made it to the lot.  This car was the only thing left of her brother and it the one thing Maddie counted on for saving her life.   She engaged the engine remotely and waited.  It didn’t blow.  She was one passed test closer to her escape.  However, the car lurched and this action wasn’t by her remote.  

With gun in hand, Maddie was combat ready.  They must have figured two car bombs in one day could get them caught, and so, they improvised to put an end to Maddie’s life.  The voice was familiar but these characters would use anything to get her, especially since the car was still careening toward her.   As close to shooting as she could get, Maddie realized the voice and face matched perfectly.   If this wasn’t deadly real, this could be the poignant moment. The driver by no means was friendly and could just as easily kill her the way he did everyone else.   

Meanwhile, Chris Mason had been threatened with death two times in one day.  

These jokers messed up with the car bomb, but Maddie had incredible aim.  She could take him out in seconds.  Sadly, she hated him enough to do just that, but he needed Maddie. Whether or not she realized it, she needed him too.   As the only two survivors from the Rio operation, they were in a precarious position. Maddie didn’t turn traitor but there was no missing the fact that she believed he did. With so much that she didn’t know mixed with so much that he didn’t understand, there was only thing for certain, Chris and Maddie were more valuable dead than alive. And like it or not, to stay alive, these two would have to stay together.

Chris didn’t find that as appalling as Maddie would.  He knew that her brain injuries destroyed much of her memories, but she really did believe he was a murderer.  Now Madeline Jerrod, a.k.a. Maddie Jameson, held both of their lives in her capable hands.

Between his investigative skills and her military training, could they find out who was behind the massacre and who was the man with juice stateside who wanted them gone, without dying?  


My Take:

Jill Elizabeth Nelson puts romance on the line, along with truth and justice in BETRAYAL ON THE BORDER!

This author pits past against present, leaving the characters and readers exposed and vulnerable while the suspense and romance builds to a climatic ending.  Maddie’s too busy blaming herself for her unit’s demise because she had developed feelings for the only man who she believed could have betrayed them, but she never thought much past her hurt to find his motive lacking.  Even now she found him appealing, but she won’t trust him or herself.  

Meanwhile, Chris Mason kept his distance from Maddie, until now.  He’s been trying to find out who on their team turned traitor and trying to keep his traitorous heart in check.  His growing feelings were established in Rio, but he can’t get involved with one of his stories. Been there. Done that. And it didn’t end well. Shouldn’t he be happy Maddie thinks of him as a traitor?  

BETRAYAL ON THE BORDER by Jill Elizabeth Nelson is a standalone title, but you’ll want to read this author’s other titles including  LEGACY OF LIES (Steeple Hill 2010), CALCULATED REVENGE (Steeple Hill 2010), WITNESS TO MURDER (Steeple Hill 2009), and EVIDENCE OF MURDER  (Steeple Hill 2009). Or check out the other books by this author!


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