by Eve Marie Mont

Publisher: KTeen

Published: March 27, 2012

Format: Paperback (352 pages)

ISBN: 9780758269485

Origin: Publisher

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Emma Townsend has dealt with much too much even before her angst-filled teen years arrived.  

She’d lost her sick mother at a young age, her father married someone who seemed to insist that an unknown medical malady reared its ugly head inside Emma, and her father barely knew she was there.  Not to mention her stepmother’s, Barbara’s, insistence that Emma was to have a sweet sixteen party—whether she wanted one or not.  For the most part, Emma let it go.  She had no friends from her sheltered, dormitory private school to speak of, so it would only mainly family in attendance. However, this lack of friends status was something Barbara harped about since she, herself, was once the belle of the ball, and she believed there was something wrong with a teen girl who had no friends.  

This friendless condition was mainly due to her educational institution.

Emma Townsend just didn’t belong at Lockwood and she was only there due to a scholarship, of sorts.  It was a way to make rich spawn seem charitable, when they were anything but that. As if to prove the point, her last roommate wasn’t returning to Lockwood.  She too was a charity student. The ringleader and her pawns made this girl’s life a living hell. They seemed to not bother much with Emma, giving her the cold shoulder rather than an all out assault. Emma learned to live with the situation, but it caused her dread every time she had to return. Picture Rapunzel with no prince charming coming to save her from the tower where she just rots. Thus was Emma’s life at Lockwood.  

Meantime, during this break and forced birthday party things became more unbearable when she found out that Gray Newman and family were invited, but Emma soothed herself into believing that they wouldn’t show.  However, their arriving SUV told her that was just wishful thinking, and now, Emma had even more trouble.  

Gray’s mother was Emma’s mother’s best friend, and Gray and Emma grew up together but grew very far apart.  He was suddenly attending Braeburn Academy a while ago, and now, he dated Miss Lockwood of the year, Else Fairchild.  If you knew Elsie, you’d know all about how she’s rich and Emma’s not, or how she’s beautiful and Emma’s not, or how her parent’s run Lockwood by proxy and Emma’s do not.  The Fairchild’s  contribute such enormous amounts of money to make sure they are over the head of the head master, Mr. Overbrook.  

Yeah, she liked Gray, but Emma knew Grey didn’t think of her like that.  In fact, she was sure Gray didn’t think of her at all.  

His sister, Anna, handed Emma a present saying it was from Gray, but Gray hastily added that it was his mother who picked it out.   This was confirmed.   Gray’s mother presented her with a book that she said was Emma’s mother’s favorite, along with the journal that Gray had given her.  Actually, it was his mother that gave both presents, really.  Not long after the uncomfortable present encounter, Emma decided to leave her own party and go swimming.  It was easy to sneak out because most people didn’t pay much attention to her, and the only one who’d seen her go was Gray, after a short, awkward conversation.

This was just what she needed, Emma thought as she lost herself in the surf and let the water take her where it would.  

Emma didn’t worry much, she was an excellent swimmer and the water seemed to bring her close to her mother.  Mostly from all the easy mornings they’d spent at the beach together, before her illness stole her away from her family.   She’d turned on her back and floated.  The water that filled her ear was mind numbing.  Noises faded to the background, and Emma became lost her own thoughts, until the surf turned nasty and nearly swallowed her whole. Emma thought it just might be easier to let it have its way. Whose voice was that? Suddenly, she realizes there’s a whole lot of living she wants to do, and the fighter in Emma was doing an epic battle just to survive the rip tide current. Would she?


My Take:

A BREATH OF EYRE by Eve Marie Mont is an extraordinary blending of Charlotte Brontë’s JANE EYRE with the contemporary life of a high school teen making this trendy tale a great read!   

Old and new combine through Emma Townsend, and she experiences Jane’s world only to find many of the same issues that plague her own today.  She falls in love in the past and present finding mystery, heartbreak, secrets, betrayal, and the real Emma.  Anyone who’s passed through or who are in their teen years will find they relate to Emma and many of the other characters that are navigating the high school experience.  After this satisfying end, you’ll get a sneak peek of A TOUCH OF SCARLET. 

Eve Marie Mont’s BREATH OF EYRE is a standalone novel, but you’ll want to check out her next book A TOUCH OF SCARLET coming to you from KTeen in March 2013!   


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