by Debbie Macomber, Cathy Lamb, Judy Duarte, and Mary Carter

Publisher: Zebra

Published: (Reprint) August 7, 2012

Format: Paperback (442 pages)

ISBN: 9781420131048

Origin: Publisher

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

In WHALE ISLAND by Cathy Lamb, you’ll meet three zany women as they spy on one’s former boyfriend.  Chelese Hamilton didn’t need the skylight to give way under her and Brenda’s weight and she didn’t need to see one fine-looking Aiden Bridger from the Washington Review waiting on her porch either.  However,  most of all, she didn’t need Chief O’Connaghey at her door while the dashing Mr. Bridger was here to learn all about her frequent mishaps.  As if this situation couldn’t get any worse, this man discovered she was the author who won the book award and this one award would wreck her life.    

Judy Duarte writes the QUEEN OF HEARTS and introduces Jennifer Kramer, who used to be the high school homecoming queen who married her king.  Problem was that her king chose gambling over his wife and daughter and left her with a mountain of debt.  Working at the local newspaper, as an advice columnist, Jennifer meets Marc Alvarado, and she couldn’t believe he just offered her part-time employment too.  However, Marc is keeping secrets and wonders how Jennifer will feel once she knows the truth. 

While THE HONEYMOON HOUSE by Mary Carter heralds Amanda soon after she cancelled her wedding to Pete, did she do the right thing?  You’ll also discover Amanda’s best friend, Kate, who meets Andy while she’s on a mission.  It’s a search and destroy romance mission, since the wedding is off and her best friend, Amanda, can’t face the wedding that never happened in the place where the bride and groom were to spend their first month together. Who knew some guy would mistake her presence as a break in?  And yes, she did go far and beyond the original goal by setting up those beautiful photos, but who knew Andy was a photographer.   Why in the world did he swear her to secrecy about those amazing photos?

THE MARRYING KIND by Debbie Macomber ushers Katie Kern back into Jason Ingrim’s field of vision.  She’s a vision that hasn’t aged much in the ten years since they ended a marriage that barely had been.  Jason is in San Francisco for his wedding—to Elaine.  He told himself to just walk away and not think about Katie, but how do you not think about what she did?  He knew his mistake, but it was too late.  She was in front of him now.  Jason needed answers to put the ghost of wedding past to bed.  Katie gave him answers, but these weren’t anything that he expected.  Talking about the past led to many surprises in the present and the next morning understanding hasn’t helped either Katie or Jason and could possibly hurt Elaine and Daddy Warbucks too.  


My Take:

ALMOST HOME by Debbie Macomber, Cathy Lamb, Judy Duarte, and Mary Carter is a compilation of stories about second chances, fresh starts, forgiving, and forgiveness!

These authors create incredible characters each in their own set of circumstances, seeing only what they see and knowing what they think is true but realizing later that not everything is always as it appears.  You’ll laugh and be somber and feel their pain and rejection but happy endings abound in this work by some amazing authors! 


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  1. Great review, Eleanor. As always.

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