by: Terri Reed              

Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense  

Published: October 2, 2012        

Format: Paperback (224 pages)      

ISBN: 9780373445080            

Origin: Publisher through NetGalley (egalley)

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Dr. Brenda Storm put the pink bakery box on her desk.  

Surprised by the package, she looked at the card, but the signature was illegible.  According to the front of the card, she was being properly thanked for something.  The white iced cakes with cute sprinkles and decorations reminded her of a child’s cake, but this surgeon didn’t have many pediatric patients.

Gary, who was one of Heritage Hospital’s finest security guards, was staring at the cake like a prize so Brenda proffered one to him and then to her unwanted office guest, Dr. Sam Johnson.  

With little reluctance the guard took a bite, bid them goodbye and was content with his choice, but Sam Johnson had yet to eat or leave.  Sadly.  Wasn’t he getting tired of his advances being turned down? She had surely grown tired of his persistence.  Moments later, Gary returned looking gray and needing help. Brenda went quickly through a list of issues that he may be presenting and heart attack was her best educated guess.  As he spilled to the floor, Brenda pushed past Sam and began CPR while Sam called in the code for reinforcements to arrive.  

However, it didn’t matter.  Gary didn’t make it.

When it’s discover the security guard died from poison, a poison that was meant for Brenda, the hospital hires Trent Associates and obtains a protection specialist to accompany the doctor.  However, Brenda doesn’t want a bodyguard, and she didn’t want her bodyguard to be a handsome man.  

Meanwhile, Kyle Martin meets his client and isn’t surprised by her announcement that she didn’t need or want him around.  Many clients have felt that same way and many more would. While this pretty doc was easy on the eyes, he’d still just do his job and walk on to the next, once the matter was closed and the threat was neutralized.  Though he did appreciate the many layers he discovered in their brief first meeting.  She was a strong, capable, beautiful woman and a successful surgeon who seemed to want no man’s business in hers, but she tried to act tough.  Kyle saw her vulnerability close to the surface and understood it. 

They’d made it through her workday and went to her apartment.   She changed and he came to appreciate the curves she hid under the lab coat but that matter took a backseat, once her doorbell sounded.  

Dr. Storm wasn’t expecting company.


My Take:

Terri Reed’s romantic suspense shines in THE DOCTOR’S DEFENDER!

This author creates two believable romance reluctant characters that have very different lives and neither wants any long-range entanglements.  

However, Kyle Martin has strong faith and Dr. Storm’s science based mind has regulated faith to the unexplained and not for her.  While Brenda tries to understand how in the face of danger Kyle’s faith doesn’t falter, she finds herself needing something she never really understood, and her desire to find it brings her closer to the man who will leave as soon as he can.  Kyle begins to thaw as he witnesses the doctor’s life and marvels at the lives she’s touched, but he feels her pain when a cancer diagnosis touches her family.  Soon, he is not able to deny what is building between them as she starts wanting to understand his faith.   

These two characters fight through danger, family pain, and fear of intimacy—together.

THE DOCTOR’S DEFENDER stands alone, but you’ll want to catch up with Terri Reed’s other Protection Specialist Miniseries titles including THE INNOCENT WITNESS (Love Inspired Suspense July 2011), THE SECRET HEIRESS (Love Inspired Suspense January 2012), and don’t miss her next Protection Specialist title coming in 2013!


4 responses to “THE DOCTOR’S DEFENDER

  1. Sounds great!
    The Doctor’s Defender is in my TBR pile. I’ll have to read it next. Thanks for the recommendation.

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  3. Hi colleagues, its great paragraph on the topic of teachingand fully explained, keep it up all the time.

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