by Joseph Pittman

Publisher: Kensington

Published: September 25, 2012

Format: Paperback (256 pages)

ISBN: 9780758276957

Series: Linden Corners

Origin: Publisher through NetGalley (eGalley)

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Nora Rainer pulled into Linden Corners feeling as if there was any other place she’d rather be and there was one in particular but that wasn’t an option.  She returned to where she was raised to give her son, Travis, a stable place to live with a grandmother who loved him.  Nora knew his missing-in-action father left him along with her, and Greta Connors could help her son heal.  It would hopefully be a two-way exchange, since her husband and Nora’s father passed away awhile ago.  However, this was a no-win proposition for Nora.  The town she left for better things including a law career and a family is the place she returns to as a failure.  A horn sounded as she neared her mother’s driveway.  

Brian Duncan beeped just before impact, but a beautiful red mustang took the hit, resulting in a large dent. Gerta Connors had been a real friend to him and his charge, after Annie’s death, but one look at the woman whose car he just charged into and there was no doubt here stood her daughter, Nora Rainer with her son Travis.  Though the accident was her fault, Nora gave out a piece of her mind anyway.  He understood.  He was just starting to find his way out of a loss and Gerta did mention she was going through one of her own.   Brian did understand pain.

Thomas Van Diver moved back to Linden Corners with a goal.  Thomas needed to find his past, not that he actually lost it but he has lost a lot.  Once, a long time ago, Thomas lived in the beautiful farmhouse near the windmill, the same windmill that was built by the Van Diver ancestors, and during his tender young years, Thomas believed they’d always live there. However, when he was just five, some things happened that changed his life, forever. Thomas maybe didn’t understand the war and why people fought it, but he certainly did understand the government told his father to go there, and he did know Lars Van Diver never came home. The day was as clear to him as the sky was now when his mother’s grief overtook her.   Soon, she and Thomas were leaving the farmhouse and moving in with his mother’s family.  During this tender age, anger gripped Thomas but during his old age longing took its place. His wife, Missy, started out trying to find Thomas’s past but her illness brought that search to a halt. Now, he must complete Missy’s mission by Christmas Eve and only when he finds Nora Rainer does Thomas finds hope that this mission isn’t impossible.

My Take:

A CHRISTMAS HOPE by Joseph Pittman is a story where three sets of lives in the midst of loss, change, and uncertainty come together to meld the past with the present and bring hope for the future.

Joseph Pittman’s characters aren’t perfect and everyone has something that they need to keep hidden—pain, mystery, emotions, but these characters are willing to help another and put their own turmoil aside.  Some welcome the chance to forget their own problems while others do it at a great cost to them or their family, but in the end, it’s worth it to them.  Some wishes still come true while other wishes fade away only to make you wonder if you wanted what you had all along. 

Although A CHRISTMAS HOPE, is a standalone novel, you’ll want to check out his other Linden Corners title,  A CHRISTMAS WISH (Kensington reprint October 2012).


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