by Peggy Webb

Publisher: Kensington

Published: September 25, 2012

Format: Hardcover (304 pages)

ISBN: 9780758241436

Series: A Southern Cousins Mystery

Origin: Publisher through NetGalley (egalley)

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

At this time of year with good cheer, cookies, music, and clients streaming into Hair.Net, Callie Valentine doesn’t suspect anything—at first.  

The Christmas scene is about to unfold with much ado; not only is this Santa’s first day of the year at the mall, it’s also a charity as well.  More good cheer awaits in booths scattered around the event, housing everything from baked treats to a free Jazz funeral (courtesy of Uncle Charlie and Eternal Rest Funeral Home) plus a host of other things.  

Meanwhile, Uncle Charlie is Santa, Callie is an elf, and that hound dog, Elvis, has his little red velvet costume on too.  Although, the one Elvis wears is owned by Callie.  

While dressing for her part, she notices the clothes are still wet and Uncle Charlie notices his are too.   However, they each understand the show must go on or those little ones waiting inline for their favorite gifting stocking stuffer will start melting down faster than an ice-cube in the street during summer.   Figuring the mall staff had laundered the get-ups but didn’t have time to fully let them dry, Callie used the heaviness of the material to stretch her bottom so that everyone can’t see underneath.  After all, she is much taller than the previous occupant is and she worries about such things. 

Soon it’s time for the event to begin, and Elvis collects everything from smiles to kisses. This Elvis, like is namesake, enjoys the limelight too.   You would think her hound dog is the real Elvis “The King” given they way he loves the attention, thrives on howling tunes, and lives to perform. 

Callie’s heart nearly stops, when some yells stop!

Expecting the worst, Callie ceases to breathe but then she sees Rudolph coming.  Now, the crowd is at a fevered pitch.  The Santa throne ignites along with Rudolph’s nose and something sends the faux reindeer high into the air.  It isn’t until Uncle Charlie goes into that shaking fit does Callie know something is horribly wrong and many little tikes may remember this, as the year Santa dies. 

With Rudolph gone and Santa being fried, everyone believes this to be a just a tragic accident—until next time.  

The next death is no accident and it tinges this holiday with terror. Someone hates Christmas enough to kill and Callie is determined to find out who and why, while staying alive.  

My Take:

Peggy Webb captures humor, nostalgia and mystery with ELVIS AND THE BLUE CHRISTMAS CORPSE!

This author’s Southern quirky characters are back with an ensemble cast and a mystery to solve.  In this read, Callie has more than murder on her mind.  Will her almost ex ever become the ex and will the man Callie is now seeing be more than just a “rebound” relationship?  You’ll find all of these answers and whole lot of fun in Peggy Webb’s fifth Southern Cousins Mystery! 

Though this book stands alone, you’ll want to read the other titles in the series including ELVIS AND THE DEARLY DEPARTED (September 2009), ELVIS AND THE GRATEFUL DEAD (Reprint September 2010), and ELVIS AND THE MEMPHIS MAMBO MURDERS (October 2010), and ELVIS AND THE TROPICAL DOUBLE TROUBLE (Kensington 2011).


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