by: Tracey Bateman

Publisher: WaterBrook Press

Published: May 8, 2012

Format: Paperback (336 pages)

ISBN: 9780307730442

Origin: Publisher

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Grieving and confused, Corrie Saunders moves from her mother’s home in Texas to the place that would have been their home—Jarrod’s and Corrie’s place.  He inherited it from his family, and since he died in the war, she inherited this place.  Although not at all sure why, the house seems to have summoned her here to be closer to her husband’s memory but her coming to live at Saunders Creek isn’t always welcomed by the Saunders clan.

Some of his family wants her to give it up, but how could she?  Jarrod grew up here.  

The renovations to the home have been in process for a while and have been handled by Jarrod’s cousin, Eli.  Remembering Jarrod’s words of trust for his cousin, Corrie wanted him to do the work because that’s what her husband wanted, and Eli wasn’t among those in the family who begrudged her this house.  He didn’t care that she wasn’t born a Saunders.

From the first night in the old house, her grief seized her and made Corrie wonder what she was even doing here. Should she even stay?  

Yet, Jarrod’s childhood called to her here.  She imagines her husband of seven years as a young child, roaming the land and having fun. However charming these thoughts are they pull her deeper into pain.  Why wasn’t he here with her?  She couldn’t even bring herself to sleep in the bed.  The lonely mattress would only prevent the rest she desperately needed but never seemed to manage.  

Eli Saunders came to halt.  The woman who was sleeping on that rickety porch swing with rusty chains and hardware was a small thing, but he still wondered how that dilapidated contraption was still in one piece.  With a chuckle, he also wondered how this woman was going to feel when she awoke.  Judging by the liquor bottle near the swing, he could give an educated guess that she wouldn’t be in any shape to work.  Her squirming said he was soon to find out about her condition, but he still couldn’t look away.  

Hungover, with a tear-stained face, this woman was something to behold.  Moreover, their phone conversations that had taken place about the renovations showed her caring, down-to-earth personality.

There were a few things he knew for certain.  His cousin had a beautiful wife and Corrie Saunders was deep in grief.  Everything about the situation made him need to keep a distance, but now that she was here in the Ozarks with him, everything about her was going to make it difficult to do just that.  

However, his history and his childhood spent in this house made him concerned that Corrie had made a huge mistake.

My Take:

THE WIDOW OF SAUNDERS CREEK: A NOVEL by Tracey Bateman is an amazing read!  

Tracey Bateman tackles tough, relevant subjects and provides the Christian perspective in a story where the pages could literally turn themselves and you would believe it could happen just that way.  However, this author doesn’t preach about things, that go bump in the night, she uses the house as a character and shows you how things are not always what they seem to be or seem not to be.  

The setting is so much a part of this story that you feel what Corrie feels and could only imagine the worry of those around her.  You will sympathize with Corrie and fall in love with Eli.  

Meanwhile, Corrie and Eli are brought together in the most awkward of situations that the attraction naturally builds and each of these two have major reasons for keeping their distance.  While family members, friends, and something not quite breathing tries to keep them a part, the result is that they are drawn together under more lethal circumstances and each has a part in keeping each other alive.  

THE WIDOW OF SAUNDERS CREEK: A NOVEL by Tracey Bateman is a stand-alone novel, but you will want to catch up with some of her other titles including THIRSTY: A NOVEL (WaterBrook Press 2009) and TANDEM: A NOVEL (WaterBrook Press 2010). 

Through WaterBrook Multnomah’s Blogging for Books Program, I received this book for free in exchange my honest review.


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