by: Shirlee McCoy              

Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense  

Published: September 4, 2012        

Format: Paperback (224 pages)      

ISBN: 9780373445042            

Origin: Publisher through NetGalley (egalley)

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

After Catherine Miller’s prison release, she just wanted to be left alone and enjoy he time she had left with the sickly woman who raised her.   However, there were some in Pine Bluff who wanted to haunt Catherine until the say she died.  Catherine was still considered “The Dark Angel of Good Samaritan”.  To many still believe that she kills sick victims at the hospital.  

It didn’t matter the state cleared her of all charges, apologized for her wrongful imprisonment, and arrested the real murderer.  In her small town, much of the population still thought her guilty.  She took all the ribbing, whispers, vandalism, and torment but she ignored it allfor the most part.  All that really mattered to Catherine was Eileen.  

Not her natural mother but her mother just the same, Eileen was always there for Catherine even through the prison ordeal and she never lost faith in Catherine.  Although, Catherine knows that those four years behind bars stole more from Eileen than from Catherine.   Eileen was a feisty, healthy woman, when a jury declared Catherine guilty, but Eileen is now a frail cancer victim having chemo treatments and looking more and more near death daily. Catherine knows her time with Eileen will come to its inevitable end, but she wants to make every minute count.  The last thing she needed was Eileen coming home from treatment and seeing the vicious red-painted graffiti all over the porch.   Frantically, she worked to cover up the paint with more paint when a figure emerged from tall weeds.  

Darius Osborne has battled back from his injuries in Afghanistan and works for a friend in the security industry who practically demands Darius takes a vacation.  Not putting up too much of a fight, Darius decides to stay on the property he purchased but never had time for.  He’s made some improvements and is making more until he jumps at the high-pitched squeal.   Another scream emerges and instincts kick in gear for the former Navy SEAL who rushes toward the sound.  

This damsel in distress comes with a major reputation, one that he knows she’s not guilty of.  

The marks surrounding her neck is his first indicator that someone wants her dead, but she’s trying to dismiss the attack and dismiss him at the same time.  

Darius understands her strong facade and he even accepts that her prison term changed her. However, Darius is not one to walk away from a lady in trouble and whether Catherine Miller likes it or not, he’s going to make sure she’s safe because she wants nothing to do with the local sheriff’s office. Who could blame her? Four years ago, they gathered evidence to prove her guilty of murder.  

He needs a way to get through to her and he finds it. It was obvious the love she felt for the woman who raised her and he wasn’t above showing her that ignoring what happened today would put Eileen in danger too. 

However, when the attacks become more dangerous, Darius wasn’t all that sure who Catherine needs to get away from more—him and his feelings or her and her fear of feeling, or whoever is trying to killer her.    


My Take:

NAVY SEAL RESCUER by Shirlee McCoy is a romantic suspense with a chilling end!

Shirlee McCoy created a down and out heroine without much left to lose.  Catherine Miller lost her freedom, her fiancé, and her faith, but she’s about to lose the only family connection she’s ever had.   Feeling cheated even more by Eileen’s illness, Catherine can’t even begin to feel that God is listening to her but she has accepted that her life will be as solitary as solitary confinement had been.   That’s just fine.  She can do without anymore pain.  

Meanwhile, Shirlee McCoy’s hero is a force unto himself.  

Darius Osborne has suffered as well.  His father abandoned them, and his mother passed away before he was even a teenager.  Afterward, he was in and out of foster care.   He found a life in the military and lost that life and a limb while inside Afghanistan, and his fiancée found love without him while he was gone.  Darius has also accepted that his life would be solitary, but not by choice.  To him, circumstances, always fell in that direction but his faith has grown through adversity and his heart stayed open.  

These two characters come together in a story about family ties, relationships, and betrayal.

Although NAVY SEAL RESCUER stands alone, you’ll want to catch Shirlee McCoy’s other Love Inspired reads including UNDERCOVER BODYGUARD (Love Inspired Suspense April 2012), THE LAWMAN’S LEGACY (Love Inspired Suspense January 2012), and PRIVATE EYE PROTECTOR (Love Inspired Suspense November 2011)!


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