by: Marina Adair              

Publisher: eKensington  

Published: August 16, 2012        

Format: eBook (250 KB)                  

Origin: Publisher through NetGalley (eGalley)

***Though the publisher provides the free ebook, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Cody Tucker expected to be assailed by his horrid past upon return to TUCKER’S CROSSING. However, he certainly didn’t expect to find someone in a house that was supposed to be empty.  

With the memories of his mother’s death still raw and his and his siblings escape from their abusive father, still the stuff of his nightmares, Cody pauses at his parent’s bedroom door.   Someone is in there.   Water is running from the bathroom.  Swallowing his painful history, he creeps in the room just as the curtain moves.  Adrenaline pushes through his veins.  Fight or flight kicks in.  Being a Tucker, Cody makes the only choice possible.  He’s gonna take the person down.  

However, the sight of the naked beauty in front of him makes his adrenaline shift direction. She looks as good as she did years ago and despite the pain she caused his desire still raged.  

Shelby Lynn never believed he’d return.  She hoped he’d return, at least, to bury his father, but Cody and the rest of the Tucker boys no-showed.   With no options, Shelby had taken care of Silas’s funeral.  She’s been caring for Silas and the house, since he took her into his home. She had nowhere to go and needed to escape her controlling husband and he needed a housekeeper.  Sure, he knew who fathered her son.  One look at her not so little anymore son, Jake, and nobody would question his paternity.  

Jake’s father now stood before her ready to strike, until in his eye recognition dawned.  She watched some emotions play out until they decided on angry.  His demand for her to leave was met with nothing more than her stubborn streak, but this wasn’t how things were supposed to play out.  

His father’s will dictates what is to happen, when his boys didn’t come back to stay.  

The house and ranch were supposed to go to Shelby Van Warren and Jake Tucker.  Her son was the child her former husband, Preston, resented and the one kid Cody Tucker wanted nothing to do with.  Silas was a grandfather to Jake in every way, although Shelby did know the pain he had caused his own children.

Later in life, Silas made peace with this past, but he also seemed to understand why his children hadn’t made peace with him.  

Once her thoughts returned to the problem at hand, Shelby tried for strong but that seem to fall flat.  Even through all the hurt, angst, and abandonment he provided her, this man still looked gorgeous.   Shelby  needs another plan.  It was more than obvious these two couldn’t exist in the same house and his coming back meant he wanted to fulfill the terms of the will. A Tucker staying in the house meant Shelby needed another home.  

How could she uproot Jake, again?  And how could she ever convince her hormones to stop betraying her hardened heart? 

My Take:

Marina’s Adair’s TUCKER’S CROSSING is a sizzling family romance with a hint of mystery making it an unforgettable read!  

Shelby Lynn Van Warren and Cody Tucker are fleshed out characters—literally and figuratively—and together make a spicy duo.  However, these two wind up on the opposite sides of every issue including who gets the ranch and where Jake and Shelby should live.  While Cody is trying to learn about fatherhood, Shelby is try to learn how to let the past stay buried, for Jake’s sake, and both of them are learning about each other all over again.  

While you will love all the romance, you’ll turn the pages to uncover the mysterious figure that has moved on from sabotaging the ranch to personal threats and intimidation.

TUCKER’S CROSSING is one of eKensington’s début titles, and I know you’ll be restless for this author’s  next book!


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