by: Nancy Bush              

Publisher: Zebra (Kensington)  

Published: July 31, 2012        

Format: Paperback (384 pages)      

ISBN: 9780420125016                  

Origin: Publisher

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Liv Dugan’s life has been surrounded by mystery since childhood.  

Her mother committed suicide with Liv in the next room and her baby brother sleeping upstairs.  Her parents had a tumultuous relationship, but still in current day, her father resents Liv for having told the police about it.  However much harassment the police gave him over it, they really didn’t suspect her father.  They insisted that there was a mystery man in Deborah Dugan’s life who the police believe was connected to the dead woman found near the family home.  

The mystery of her mother’s death and life intensifies, when a law office contacts Liv.  

They have a packet for her and they’ve been directed to give to provide it, when she turned a certain age, by her deceased mother.  Once the envelope is received, her questions multiply. It contains information about Liv’s natural parents, but the need to find them was never something Liv developed. Despite how Liv struggled to forget the images of finding her mother hanging and the havoc it created in her family life, Liv must face the memories and the questions that have haunted her for years.  Why did her mother want her to have this now or at all? Who is this angry-faced mystery man in the picture with her mother—the one who was trying to take the camera?    

Liv visits her brother, Hague, and things go from bad to worse, when her he calls the stranger “zombie man”. That name was the same name he used with the police questioned her special needs brother after Deborah’s suicide.  Although they dismissed it as a childhood story, Liv never forgot it, and to hear him say it present day, she knows her mother didn’t commit suicide.  

Meanwhile, her brother is more connected to their father while Liv’s relationship with him and his next wife has always been strained, and their accidental meeting at her brother’s place goes as she would have expected.   Her father demands she stop stirring everyone up about a suicide that happen years ago, but Liv is more determined to find out what happened and refuses to back down.

Later, she finds out that one of the two people she speaks to at work will be let go by the end of the week.  

The boss’s son is a product of a bitter divorce and he’s the pawn they each use to make each other miserable.  She is trying to duck out of an uncomfortable conversation that he’s initiated by saying he’d like to keep a relationship with her after he leaves.  His disappointment at Liv reaction of wanting to be just friends shows, but Liv excuses herself for lunch.

She’s late returning and is expecting to be read the riot act, but finds the carnage of a mass shooting instead. Her usual paranoia drove her to believe this was all connected to her, her mother’s death, and the “zombie man”.  

Instead of calling the police, Liv listens to her inner voice.  She runs out, dashes home, and packs a bag.

While she sat in a coffee shop, two policemen enter.  Liv panics.  Quickly, she exits the shop then Liv jumps inside the first car she finds, pulls the gun she’d brought for protection, and begins ordering the man to drive.  

Not knowing where to go the only thing Liv knows is that she can’t stay here . . . 

My Take:

In NOWHERE TO RUN by Nancy Bush, you’ll find a captivating read!  Nancy Bush does an excellent job of building tension into a suspenseful, complex thriller.  

From the outset, I felt compassion for Liv Dugan.  Her childhood trauma left her a damaged young woman who still fights the overwhelming emotions of the young child who found her mother.  This tragedy leads to a fear of the police because the detective didn’t know how to handle a child differently than an adult interrogation.  Moreover, her father’s bitterness cut her to the quick during this time.  

Although NOWHERE TO RUN is a standalone novel, you’ll want to read some of Nancy Bush’s other titles such as HUSH (Zebra 2011), BLIND SPOT (Zebra 2010), and UNSEEN (Zebra 2009) until NOWHERE TO HIDE releases in August 2012! 


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