by Melissa Foster

Publisher: Solstice Publishing

Published: March 22, 2012

Format: Paperback (408 pages)

Origin: Author

***Though the author provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Have you ever witnessed a child crying while getting in or out of a car seat?  Could you imagine how you would feel when that same child turns up dead?

Molly had a child to raise and a husband to enjoy but everything stopped for her with a newspaper headline. The child she saw fussing that day in Philadelphia had been abducted then killed.  

Molly’s son lost his mother. Cole lost his wife, and Molly nearly lost her mind. Guilt consumed her.  

CHASING AMANDA picks up Molly’s life eight years later in Boyds Maryland.  Her son, Erik, is in college, Cole has a practice in Boyds, and Molly is a stay-at-home wife. Her and her family’s battle had been long and hard, but the family unit grew strong.  Eventually, Molly came into acceptance that what happened to Amanda was not her fault, although Molly still needed to remind herself of that, sometimes.  

However, the peace she’s known in this small town comes crashing down around her once another child goes missing, and Molly’s visions even have her believing that she may be about to crack.  

Tracey Porter had played hide and seek, but something went horribly wrong.  

Determined not to have Tracey end up like Amanda, Molly tries to unravel her fleeting images and search for Tracey, but she begins to question her own motives, and her visions, while Cole begins to question his ability to stay in the relationship.  Cole accuses Molly of voluntarily going backward into the insanity of Philadelphia.  

Nearly obsessed with finding this child, Molly finds some of the people whom she’s known as good people seem suspect, now.  What is Hannah trying to hide in the ground?  Where does Pastor Lett go when she thinks nobody is watching?  Why does Newton plead with Molly to stay away from the old Perkinson House?  

The legacy of Boyds secrets become clear, when Molly learns about another young child, Kate Plummer, who went missing in much the same way, in around the same area, about twenty years earlier.  

Kate Plummer was never found. Who was the main suspect?  Pastor Letts’ younger brother, Rodney.

My Take:

CHASING AMANDA by Melissa Foster is a thriller! 

You’ll get caught up in Molly’s visions, the townspeople’s secrets, Molly’s need to find Tracey, and poor Tracey’s experience.  Like me, you will change your decision about who might be the abductor/abductors and be astonished over the police’s lack of momentum in the case.  I found myself as determined as Molly and just as committed to find Tracey.   

Melissa Foster creates believable characters in extraordinary situations, and I asked myself—how would I handle it?   My answers matched Molly’s.  

Cole and Molly lived through a horrific ordeal, and you can understand Cole’s frustration at seeing his wife begin to lose her sanity, again.  He believes she’s still chasing Amanda.   On the other hand, Molly knows her visions are real and feels anger and betrayal over Cole’s doubts, but she wants to understand his point of view.  Meanwhile, her son is Molly’s grounding force but even Erik is threatened by these visions.

Although CHASING AMANDA by Melissa Foster is a single title and standalone novel, you’ll want check out her other novels including COME BACK TO ME (Greenforge Books 2011) and MEGAN’S WAY (Outskirts Press  2009). 


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  1. Thank you for such a lovely review, Eleanor!

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