by: Robyn Carr              

Publisher: Mira   

Published: April 24, 2012        

Format: Paperback (384 pages)      

ISBN: 9780778313175            

Origin: Publisher through NetGalley (egalley)

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Nora Crane and her two children are surviving and thriving because of the kindness of others in Virgin River, but she has her secrets too. 

With a felon for an ex-boyfriend and father of her two children, Nora sees an opportunity to increase her income and stand on her own.  While waiting in line for an interview, she realizes that almost all the population vying for this same job is male, and some of these people have worked the apple orchard for years.  Still new to the town, Nora worries her gender and inexperience could knock her out of the great paying job, and that fear becomes reality once she meets Tom Cavanaugh.  

Tom steals her chance at work, but his grandmother, Maxie, hires her anyway.  Now, Nora is going to prove she is a great employee. 

Ex-military, Tom Cavanaugh runs the apple orchard with his grandmother, Maxie.  

The last thing Tom needs is a petite woman who swears she could do the backbreaking work of picking apples.  He does get a chuckle out of the thought of it though, before he sends this applicant packing. However, Maxie soon invades the office and isn’t happy.

Apparently, this Nora’s friend is the local pastor, and he speaks to Maxie.  

Maxie says this woman is raising two young children on her own and deserves the job, and then walks out and hires her.  Tom knows this situation would windup to be nothing but trouble.  

The only thing he hopes is that this trouble in a small package would realize she couldn’t do it and leave on her own.  However, that does happen.  Nora shows up for work earlier than everyone and walks the miles to get there.  Tom watches her falters and sees her winces of pain, but she keeps coming back!  

Soon his admiration grows into attraction, but Tom isn’t ready for a ready-made family or whatever other baggage this powerhouse comes with.  Sure, he’s at the point where he is looking for a relationship, but this was not the situation for him. Another situation finds him though, as if it was made to order.  

The widow of one of his men in of the unit contacts him.  

Tom had visited Darla, like he did other widows, when he returned stateside to offer his condolences and speak about how their spouses had been a special to him, the unit, and the country.  Apparently, Darla was doing much better with her grief and would be in the area for classes and wanted to visit.  Her visit takes a romantic turn, and Tom is more than interested. 

However, Tom has put off some decisions in his life.

He wants something he can’t have and is afraid of something he can have, but it’s not until one of these two women face off with a bear that he really begins to understand what he feels and by that point, it could be way too late.

My Take:

Robyn Carr’s SUNRISE POINT isn’t your typical romance, but it’s one you’ll enjoy!

Robyn Carr creates an admirable character in Nora Crane.  Refreshingly honest, she is determined to be a better mother than her own and will do whatever it takes for her children, but she owns up to her past mistakes making sure to correct her actions as she goes along. She’s growing up fast and is a wonderful mother for such a young age. Meanwhile, this author creates a lovable judgmental man!  Tom walks around thinking about relationships in a backward sort of way, but he’s good at heart and is upstanding too.  He talks himself out of every emotion imaginable and convinces himself that he will fall for the right woman, even if she isn’t.  

This author reintroduces many of the characters from the early Virgin River books, but she also knits in a new one too.  

Henry “Coop” Cooper, former military, seems to quit more jobs than most people.  He’s not a slacker and he sure does want to work.  It just he finds that most of the employers he’s chosen put money ahead of people and make decisions that cost wildlife, the environment, or humans a pretty penny.  Coop is the new addition, but you’ll find that his cameo here will leave you wondering how he’ll manage in love inside a book all his own.  

Although part of the Virgin River series, SUNRISE POINT is a standalone novel, but you’ll want to read rest of the series until the newest one arrives.  You can check out some of Robyn Carr’s other books such as THE GRACE VALLEY trilogy and her single titles too like NEVER TOO LATE or RUNAWAY MISTRESS!  


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