by: Valerie Hansen              

Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense  

Published: June 5, 2012        

Format: Paperback (256 pages)      

ISBN: 9780373444922            

Origin: Publisher through NetGalley (egalley)

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

After she deals with an under-the-influence teen and saves the life of the young child who got a hold of the teen’s drug stash, Nurse Samantha Rochard must deal with the handsome man who left her, years ago. John Waltham. Back home, again. This cop is dangerous.  

The feelings she’d long ago buried suddenly floated close to the surface, but she’s trying to keep herself protected and keep him at arm’s length. Despite all the anger at him and the adrenaline rush from the situation, he was even more handsome, if that was possible. However, John wasn’t going to waltz back into Serenity, Arkansas and into her life, his leaving made that perfectly clear. She needed to dodge him at all costs. 

Detective John Waltham knew he’d see her at some point, but this wasn’t how he hoped their first meeting would go.  

Yes, he did bark at her like a junkyard dog, but what was he supposed to do? He just saw the woman disarm a kid so high that he might never come back to earth!  John needed to speak with her, alone. He’d wait until her shift ended; his badge bought that information for him. He arrived to find a mugging in progress with Sam as the victim!  

John couldn’t shake the feeling she had been targeted and that the attack wasn’t a random one, but she insisted it was just that.  

Soon, he finds her speeding down the road with doors and truck open fleeing from an assailant, and she picks now to come clean.  The mugging wasn’t a mugging. This guy believed the teen from the hospital had given her a package, and he wanted it back. However, she’s been the reason children have been taken from homes and John can’t just forget that part of her history. Her current occupation didn’t surprise him and her being CASA didn’t shock him either.  

She’d grown up in an abusive home and Sam wanted to help others in that situation. Meanwhile, he wondered how all of this could somehow tie in, especially after someone tries to run her down.    

My Take:

Valerie Hansen’s THREAT OF DARKNESS will keep you turning pages!

Admiring Samantha for her work while understanding the pain of abuse, you will come to respect her faith, strength, and backbone.  The ability to help these children and face her past in each one of them gives this character a special place in your heart.  Meanwhile, you’ll learn that John’s leaving wasn’t exactly as it seemed to Samantha.  The feelings he still has for this woman who can at one moment infuriate him and the next make him smile is apparent from their first meeting.  His badge and faith go together and fuels a desire to protect Samantha and the latest child she’s trying to protect, even if she doesn’t feel for him what he does for her.   

In THREAT OF DARKNESS, you’ll come to understand how two people in the same relationship could see two different aspects of everything and in the end, maybe neither saw anything the way it was.

This title includes a bonus read in back of the book!  A novella, SMALL-TOWN ROMANCE by Arlene James is where you’ll meet Pastor Davis Latimer and Becca Inman to find out how music makes love bloom!   

Although THREAT OF DARKNESS stands alone, you’ll want to catch the first book in Valerie Hansen’s Defender Series, NIGHTWATCH (Love Inspired Suspense October 2011) until STANDING GUARD the next title in the Defender series releases in September 2012! 


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