by: Janet Dailey              

Publisher: Kensington  

Published: May 29, 2012        

Format: Hardcover (352 pages)      

ISBN: 9780758255778            

Series: Bannon Brothers      

Origin: Publisher

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Linc Bannon attends his brother’s wedding stag.  It wasn’t his first choice, but Kenzie turned his invitation down.  Though she is a stateside Army military dog trainer and is always going somewhere, her begging off wasn’t unusual, but Linc is sure that duty wasn’t her only reason. In fact, she seemed to excel at keeping him at arm’s length, but he’s a patient man.  She’s worth the wait.  

He wonders away from the party and catches a newscast, but his mind wonders away from that too.  Seems he can’t get that pretty woman out of his mind.  By the time his focus returns to the television, the story changes, and the talking head morphs into someone else live at an accident scene.  Ratings grab.  

Watching as the police snarls at the reporter, he notices the rollover vehicle.  However, the personalized plates nearly stop his breath. 

Meanwhile, “Kenzie” B. MacKenzie couldn’t take time to figure out who was the tuxedo wearing man inside her apartment because she was busy teaching the guy a lesson he’d never forget.  His fault. She’d taken a shower emerging to find a strange man in her place.  

Having a military career, Kenzie could take this man down, and she does.  Her choke put him into submission quick enough, but it wasn’t until afterward did she recognize him.  Linc Bannon.

It took a few minutes before he could talk—of course, but that didn’t stop her rapid-fire questions.  

When he could finally speak, in short sentences, his answers left her unprepared.  He saw a car wreck, but it was her best friend driving.

Now, Christine was comatose in ICU with a battered face and body. Her best friend lay tethered to machines and tubes.  Christine’s mother was holding her daughter’s hand while her father was holding onto her mother.  

Kenzie wanted answers.  

It didn’t take the K-9 trainer long to figure out it was a hit and run; the sideswiped car was evident. However, it wasn’t until Kenzie saw a distorted man’s image coming from Christine’s laptop via the webcam did she begin to understand that Christine was targeted.  Now that he’d seen her, she’d be next on the list.    

Linc believes this was a stalking.  But who and why wouldn’t be easy to find out.  He had worked some on Christine’s computer.  She knew Linc was in the national security business and he was obviously well versed in computers, much more that the ordinary government operative.   However, he didn’t talk much about his line of work, but it wasn’t hard to put these national security and computer together to get an almost answer.  He must be in cyber ops or something close.  

Soon, the simple stalking theory doesn’t seem to answer many of the questions and evidence is beginning to connect back to Christine’s employer, a large government equipment supplier. Linc and Kenzie need to work together on this one but sometimes hearts can get in the way.  

Neither has time to examine many of these emotional questions since staying alive occupies their time.    

My Take:

Janet Dailey’s BANNON BROTHERS: HONOR is a romantic suspense with two unforgettable characters.   On the outside, Linc is a strong and silent kind of guy, but his heart is looking for love.  Kenzie is a tough, former military, Army brat who gave her heart to someone before, only to mourn that man’s death.  Her bruised heart wears a soldier’s armor.      

When these two team up, you can’t help but root them on and hope they’ll survive and find the staying power of love.

BANNON BROTHERS: HONOR is a standalone title, but you’ll want to read BANNON BROTHERS: TRUST (Zebra-reprint edition-2012) where you’ll meet RJ Bannon as you await the next BANNON BROTHERS title.  Janet Dailey’s other books include the CALDER SERIES. 


3 responses to “BANNON BROTHERS: HONOR

  1. That sounds like a genuinely refreshing read, I’m going to check out the Kindle store for the opener : )

  2. Noooo , dammit, it’s not out in the UK in that format.

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