by T. A. Munroe

Publisher: Author

Published: February 21, 2012

Format: ebook (570 KB)

Origin: Author

***Though the author provides the free ebook, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Lily Mayfield had a hard life, enduring an abusive husband who, in the end, committed suicide, and his death left her daughter blaming Lily for his demise.  She’s a survivor of abuse who hasn’t learned how to live. Although seeing a therapist, Lily rejects advice to get out from her isolation and meet people. Soon, her therapist is questioning whether Lily would be better off with another therapist. Reluctantly, Lily takes a small step into the world of the living and enrolls in a class.  Maybe she was too old to relive her dream, but she could learn more about it. Her marriage stole the dream and the passion, but she can’t help being drawn to the creative arts.

Meanwhile, it would appear that Charlie Winston has it all, but he no longer has a son.  

Mattie’s death wasn’t the only reason he lost his wife. His life is in Hollywood, but his undoing is Hollywood. Secrets, addictions, and haunting darkness make him as dysfunctional as the day is long, and Tinsel Town doesn’t mind these kinds of things from a filmmaker who’s at the top.

In Arizona, he’s performing his community service—for topping out his speedometer on the state highway—by teaching a filmmaking class. It doesn’t take long before he begins to feel different about himself outside of California, and when he meets the woman he met just a year ago, he begins to think about her differently too.  

The sun bunnies of California will hop to and from famous people and those in the business. To them and to Charlie, everyone’s a hump away from the next stop on the Hollywood express. Princess Mayfield, he dubbed her that the first time he met her, was different. He’d treated her like Cinderella at the ball but she didn’t hop. Seeing her again makes him realize the place he’s been living feeds his sickness, and maybe she’s the only person who wouldn’t. However, she could be the only person who sees through him enough to recognize it.

My Take:

ANOTHER PLACE ON THE PLANET (LILYLAND) by T. A. Munroe is a story about dysfunctional people, unhealthy relationships, and a location that loves them all, when they’re successful. This is not a love story but a story of how one needs to love self.  

You’ll see the mistakes Lily makes and suspect there’s more to Charlie than what you do see, but you’ll find out that Hollywood can be a lonely place or a richly filled land of opportunity with plenty of second cast members to meet and follow. I must warn about the adult language and situations depicted, but these add to the story and understanding of the characters and aren’t overdone.  

T. A. Munroe gives us characters that could be someone you know, and their situations could appear in any newspaper or tabloid. She gives us the good with the bad, provides a story you’ll need to finish with people you want to get to know, and weaves an element of faith throughout.  


2 responses to “ANOTHER PLACE ON THE PLANET (Lilyland Book 1)

  1. Judith Colombo

    A good review.

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