by Donna J. Shepherd

Publisher: Lilliput Press

Published: February 1, 2012

Format: ebook (Novelette – 41 pages)

Origin: Author

***Though the author provides the free ebook, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

With a pressure filled life, a recently disabled husband, and the shine dulled on her fifteen-year marriage, a mysterious package arrives to provide a pleasing distraction from Debi’s problems.

However, the item laying under the bubble wrap is something she couldn’t imagine and she doesn’t know who would send it. Debi believes it a fake stone, but she brings it to someone she trusts for evaluation.  Her friend, Jenny, works at a local jeweler and she determines the diamond is real!  

Jenny’s taking the ring for an appraisal and Debi is dying to know its worth.

These two start hatching a plan to uncover the sender.  Could it be Debi’s husband?  No. Jeff knew about the ring and even doubted it was real. Nope. Besides, he’s a tightwad with money, but she knew they can not even afford a gem like this.  Their list is short even minus Jeff.  Joe is a neighbor who is always staring at her, an old boyfriend who was more a friend than beau, and a coworker who always seems to be around.  

Jenny takes the lead and starts contacting their suspects, while Debi starts wondering if she should be doing this at all.  Soon, Debi finds she needs to do this and cannot even explain to herself why.   

My Take:

LOVE UNDER THE BUBBLE WRAP-A NOVELETTE by Donna J. Shepherd isn’t a chick lit read. However, this hen lit title shines a spotlight on the middle of a marriage through a woman in the middle of a life where things haven’t gone as planned.

Anyone in a relationship who has ever hit upon one of life’s snags will relate to Debi and will laugh at the lengths she goes to solve her personal mystery.  Debi’s a woman on the hunt— who doesn’t always see the forest through the trees—but she learns in the process, when she meets a Christian counselor.  This man has given her a few things to think about and explains why the need to find the giver even exists inside her.   

Donna J. Shepherd gives us a “real life” love story! Though short, this novelette provides a fleshed out story with curious characters and a satisfying ending.   Her other works include devotionals, children’s stories, and poems.  You can find more about Donna and her books at


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