On 04/15/12, I blogged a post about my book review of SUMMER OF SECRETS by Charlotte Hubbard, and I hosted a book giveaway courtesy of Kensington Books! 

Picking the winner was a complicated process and not at all scientific.

  1. I printed out the eligible comments.

  2. I folded the printed sheets and wrapped them around miniature chocolate bars; these Hershey bars were all the same size and shape.  Next, I wrapped those bars in yellow wrapping paper.   

  3. Before my helpful assistant and two adults arrived, I placed the yellow wrapped goodies into a bag and added some recycled packaging peanuts. 

  4. One of the adults shook the bag up and down. The next adult shook the bag side to side and handed it off to my trusty assistant.  She made two giggle filled spins around the room and danced the sack over to me as we applauded.  

  5. I opened the bag.  The appointed adult reached in and pulled out one yellow wrapped candy bar with a handful of packing materials.  She gave the candy bar to our mutual friend for the unwrapping.

  6. My trusty assistant blew a whistle before the reading. In front of two adult witnesses and the whistle-blower, she announced . . .


And the winner is: BILL McCURRY

Bill, you will receive an email providing instructions on how to collect your book. 

****I feel obligated to impart that my trusty assistant did receive payment for her services (a trip to the park and a bag of jelly beans) but our picker was under no obligation to choose any one chocolate bar.****

Remember, come visit Books . . . Looks and Takes blog often.  I’ll be hosting more giveaways soon!


2 responses to “WINNER of the SUMMER OF SECRETS Giveaway!

  1. Congratulations, Bill!

  2. That has to be the most entertaining way to select a random winner I’ve ever heard.
    Congratulations Bill…!

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