Winner of the T. Greenwood multi-book giveaway!

On 03/29/12, Author, T. Greenwood blogged a post about the true events leading to her latest release, GRACE.  This post featured a multi-book giveaway courtesy of Kensington Books. Picking the winner was a complicated process and not at all scientific.

  1. I printed out all eligible comments.

  2. I folded the printed sheets then lined an Easter egg shaped cardboard box with homemade confetti. (These small colorful rounds were specially produced for this task with a special group of friends, using three hole punches on pages of used coloring books until our arms ached!)  

  3. Next, my husband placed the folded sheets into the box and the group watched as I added more artful confetti. 

  4. A friend’s spouse did the honors of shaking the box from side to side (a timed full minute), up and down (a timed full minute) before handing the container back to my spouse. While swooshing it around, dear hubby made two complete spins around the room before handing the box to me.   

  5. Another friend consented to a blindfold (a store-bought sleep mask with no holes).  I transferred the box to her spouse who removed the lid.  After we all did a countdown from ten, she reached in and pulled out a name.  With eyes still covered, she held out the paper for another friend to take.   

  6. That friend handed the paper off to my spouse.

  7. Now released from her eye restraints, she joined the rest us in sounding a drum roll before the official reading. In front the group, dear hubby made the official announcement . . . 

And the winner is: Joyce Best!

Joyce, you will receive an email providing instructions on how to collect your books—






****I feel obligated to impart that our forever friends did receive payment for their services (a backyard barbecue made possible by unusually warm weather), but our group picker  was under no obligation to pick any one folded paper.****

Remember, come visit Books . . . Looks and Takes blog often.  I’ll be having more giveaways coming soon!

The voting hours have ended. I thank you for all of your votes! 

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