by: Keith McCafferty              

Publisher: Viking (Penguin Group)  

Published: February 16, 2012        

Format: Hardcover (352 pages)      

ISBN: 9780670023264            

Origin: Publisher through NetGalley (e-Galley)

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Taking time for himself, Sean Stranahan is looking to fish, find healing, and paint, but when a sexy singer arrives and a dead body is uncovered, he becomes involved in more than murder.  

Sean’s art studio door lists his former occupation, although he’s not licensed in Montana and doesn’t practice here.  The words are a ploy.  Someone believes this fact could somehow make his background standout during an art auction, and to gain the hope of selling, he added the title.  Thankfully, most folks in Montana barely notice the tag.  He’s never been questioned, until a beautiful singer knocks on his door.  

Velvet Lafayette needs a private investigator.  

All she wants is for him to go fishing in memorial to her dad, scatter his ashes, and find her brother.  A starving artist getting paid to fish is one thing and scattering the ashes in deceased family member isn’t to hard a task either but finding a brother that she barely claims is missing is something entirely different.

Had Sean knew that this job would intersect with a floater found in the river, a murder attempt on Rainbow Sam—who just happens to have the missing sibling’s marked fishing rod—he might not have taken the job.  Especially after the purchaser of his painting calls wanting more canvases for his collection at a mountain retreat house.  When he finds Sam’s dog hurt, Sean is convinced he’s into something he may not be able to retreat from.  

Vareda Beaudreux a.k.a. Velvet Lafayette left town, leaving him a cryptically constructed answer letting him know where to find her, maybe.  Sean believes the dead man with a fishhook in his mouth is the missing sibling; he is looking for the truth along with the victim identification. 


My Take:

In THE ROYAL WULFF MURDERS, Keith McCafferty creates two likable characters in Sean Stranahan and Sheriff Martha Ettinger while weaving a mystery around his love of fishing and nature’s great outdoors. 

Like the painter in his novel, he finely creates a picture of words giving this city born and bred reader wonderful details to fill in the knowledge gap left by inexperience.  I learned about fishing, environmental dangers to fish and their waters, and types of fishing lures, but I delighted in a mystery that kept me turning pages too.  

This story is not my usual reading material, but I looked for something different and found a great read.  

I went on an adventure vacation, met cozy characters, and found a corpse leading to a satisfying mystery. Keith McCafferty’s next Sean Stranahan book already has a fan, and after you read THE ROYAL WULFF MURDERS, I’m sure you’ll join me. 

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