by: Charlotte Hubbard             

Publisher: Zebra (Kensington)  

Published: February 1, 2012        

Format: Paperback (320 pages)      

ISBN: 9781420121698            

Series: Seasons of the Heart

Origin: Publisher

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My Look:

Widow Miriam Lantz, her twin daughters, and family friend Naomi Brenneman operate Sweet Seasons Bakery Cafe but their world is about to falter, faith will get a test, and sweethearts come undone.  

When Rachel Lantz meets a ghoulish girl, she introduces Sweet Seasons and prepares to take down the food order, until this Englisher’s eyes call to mind her twin sister, Rhoda.  Shocked, Rachel runs into the kitchen and her mother runs out.  Though her eyes see and heart knows, it’s not until the girl with tattoos produces a dress that Miriam knows what’s so.  

Her daughter is alive!   This child’s tragic death left Miriam the mother of twins instead of triplets.  

Rachel Lantz doesn’t believe the story, until her mother confirms it, but another problem develops for Rachel with this new sibling.  

Her fiancée, Micah Brenneman, can’t stop talking about Tiffany, who is understood to be Rebecca, after he couldn’t stop staring at the Englisher woman, first.   However, when Rachel’s betrothed calls upon Tiffany, he puts obstacles into their path of a fragile, yet to be created union and adds layers of doubt in her heart.  

Meanwhile, Bishop Hiram Knepp arrives at the eatery claiming a need to diffuse Willow Ridge’s community buzz over Miriam’s lost child with fancy, provocative ways.  A measure of scandal rocked her community, when a preacher’s wife ran off with an English man, and surely, he felt concern about Micah’s soul.  These were powerful reasons for his visit.  The Bishop’s entrapment of Miriam inside her kitchen, pinning her to the counter with his body with talk about how she was not fulfilling God’s plan for her life, showed less than pure motivations.  

Meeting her resistance, Bishop Knepp threatens to close down Sweet Seasons, and his status would allow his unfair punishment to go forth, leaving Miriam without income.


My Take:

Charlotte Hubbard seamlessly blends romance and family drama in a faith filled read encompassing building and rebuilding trusts, reconciling past mistakes, and forgiveness of oneself and others in SUMMER OF SECRETS!

Independent women living an Amish life, where oftentimes submission is a requirement, provides engaging characters who readers will rally behind while they fall in love with the men who enjoy their strong spirit.

I recommend Charlotte Hubbard’s SUMMER OF SECRETS!  With many recipes to busy yourself and a sneak peek into the next Season of the Heart title, AUTUMN WINDS, the summer will fly by.   September 2012, you can revisit Willow Ridge, Missouri and meet other characters living in faith inside Amish country. 


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