by RaeAnne Thayne

Publisher: HQN Books

Published: March 27, 2012

Format: Paperback (352 pages)

ISBN: 9780373776375

Origin: Publisher through netGalley (egalley)

***Though the publisher provides the free ebook, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Evie Blanchard flees Los Angeles and moves to Hope’s Crossing, looking to heal.  Death stole her best friend first and then her daughter, while overwhelming grief took her career and life. 

Through the mountains, fresh air, new friends, and String Fever, Evie finds more than a home. She finds peace, healing, and a lifestyle that fits her—until a tragic accident. One teen dies. Another teenager clings to life in a coma. Evie’s friend loses a child while another one hopes her granddaughter will live, and another friend plus her children survive their injuries.  

The whole town is grieving, hoping, and praying.  Through the grief, happiness shows up as Taryn Thorn wakes from the coma, but soon Evie faces Brodie Thorn.  

Brodie Thorn never really liked Evaline Blanchard; in fact, he does’t trust her. Who gives up a life in LA to come here? She cozies-up to his mother, Katherine, and he needs to know why. However, he also has many other reasons to dislike her.  

She fights everything he wants to do in this town and acts as if she’s a life-long resident. Meanwhile, he’s grown up in Hope’s Crossing and is raising his daughter here. Suddenly, the newcomer seems to think she knows what is best for this town. She sits at meetings and hearings running her mouth against whatever project he is pitching, no matter how great it is for the town. His town.  

Now, Brodie really needs Evaline on his side, and it’s not for the latest development or project. His brain-injured daughter is coming home, and he needs a physical therapy manager.

Unfortunately, his mother suggested this woman and did her research, but he easily expected to shoot the idea down. It did not work out that way.  This woman’s dossier couldn’t be matched. Ms. Blanchard is the best in the business, and she lives right in his backyard.  

Overlooking her extreme dislike for him, he goes, hat-in-hand, asking her to be Taryn’s therapist.  

Just like every other time they’d been on the wrong side of each other, she turns him down. Did her dislike of him mean his daughter should suffer?  Couldn’t she help a child in need? Not only was he furious, Brodie was not taking no for her answer.  

Taryn needs the best, and she is the best. No, if he had to do it with guns blazing, Evaline Blanchard was going to help Taryn, whether she wants to or not.  

My Take:

I recommend WOODROSE MOUNTAIN by RaeAnne Thayne! 

The author brings two unlikely characters together, for a common goal, and they each discover the other isn’t whom they thought. However, questions remain for them.  

Is Evie over her losses enough? Can Brodie trust her? What these two find out is something that will change their lives, forever.

In WOODROSE MOUNTAIN, RaeAnne Thayne adds flesh to the supporting cast of characters, especially Taryn and Charlie. With a hint of mystery surrounding the accident, you’ll need to know what Taryn knows, and you will want to find out what happens between Evie and Brodie.    

After reading this title, you’ll decide to read A COLD CREEK REUNION (Harlequin Special Edition, March 2012) plus more of this author’s many titles.



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  1. Thank you for a lovely review! I’m happy you enjoyed the book.


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