by: Mark Gilleo              

Publisher: The Story Plant

Published: March 27, 2012       

Format: Paperback (438 pages)      

ISBN: 9781611880342            

Origin: Publisher through NetGalley (egalley)

***Though the publisher provides the free ebook, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

In LOVE THY NEIGHBOR, those who help you can be the most deadly.

Clark Hayden is moving back home to help his forgetful mother, after her husband’s death. However, Clark’s dad has been gone for sometime, but Maria Hayden’s mental state has become increasingly worrisome.  

Clarke was a late in life child, descending from parents who had been told they could not have a child, and they believed that to be true, until his mother’s pregnancy with him. 

Nothing unusual really happens until Maria Hayden gets late night visitors.  Although, Clark was home when the knocks exploded on her front door, he was in the basement and didn’t hear a thing. Middle Eastern men spoke words she didn’t understand, but she did not open the door.

Immediately, she telephones the CIA and reports these men, whom to her, seem to be terrorists.

The FBI investigates, somewhat, and determines this caller isn’t well.  They weren’t wrong. Maria is not well, and she takes many medications.  Even Clark doubts her suspicions.

Eventually, Clark’s neighbors call asking if he could keep an eye out on their house and water their plants.  A sick relative passed in a foreign country, and they left immediately.  Ariana and Nazim have helped his mother often enough, especially with him being away from home.  He does as asked.  A telephone call, at this residence, grabs his attention.

However, he gets himself in over his head, once he uses a voice recorder and this is captured on hidden cameras being monitored by the family who owns the home.

My Take:

Mark Gilleo provides a political suspense tale, in a suburbia setting (pre and post 9/11), where some people are not who and what they seem to be.

Although many people know something about their neighbors, in LOVE THY NEIGHBOR, Mark Gilleo shows nobody knows everything.  The many point-of-view characters flesh out the means, the motives, and the opportunities of this plotting foursome. Terrorism. Kill as many as possible and die while doing it.  

However, this former sleeper cell with one phone call becomes an active cell, and they don’t even trust each other.   


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