by Deborah Coonts

Publisher: Forge Books 

Published: February 28, 2012

Format: Hardcover (384 pages)

ISBN: 9780765330062

Series: Lucky O’Toole

Origin: Publisher through netGalley – eGalley

***Though the publisher provides the free ebook, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Lucky O’Toole was not the only one to receive the death threats.  The magician, Dimitri Fortunoff, received a few scary ones, while tonight’s had been the worse thus far.

Right now, Lucky is kind of running the show at The Babylon, a mega-resort, and she’s made an executive decision to close down the recently acquired Athena.  However, in closing down the casino, she was putting the entertainment and staff out of a job; her death threats could be warranted.  However, in Dimitri Fortunoff’s case, these threats all begin from a rumor.

Dimitri is said to be the Masked Houdini; he’s the guy who tells then shows the tricks of the trade to the world, proving magicians to be just the same as you and me. That masked man is hated even by Star Trek aliens, apparently.

With the illusion of magic gone, the fans, crowds, and monies also disappear, and the rest of the casino suffers without the income.

Consequently, Dimitri protests the claim, but Lucky doesn’t actually buy that.  It’s not a case of thou doth protest too much as much as it is a case of not protesting loud enough. Nevertheless, what the man does is his business.  Lucky can’t get her own life right, who is she to say what another should do?

Tonight is the last night of shows at the casino, and Dimitri steps on stage with bravado, in front of an audience that includes the members of the Magic Ring—a secret authoritative society in the magic arts community.  But Lucky knows there is a whole cast of other entertainers who could believe he’s the Masked Houdini, the one to blame the lackluster casino’s closing on.

Lucky’s stomach knots when Dimitri announces he is going to perform a special escape, just for tonight’s performance.

The Great Dimitri Fortunoff is going to escape from Harry Houdini’s Chinese Water Torture Cell. With his legs padlocked in stocks and his wrists handcuffed, he is lowered inside the water-filled box head first, but it doesn’t take as long as it felt for someone to scream Dimitri is dead!

The ambulance arrives much too late and takes the dead illusionist to the nearest hospital, but that doesn’t end Lucky’s problems.

Dimitri Fortunoff never arrives. Who took his body, and why?

My Take:

Deborah Coonts give us readers quite a mysterious and funny performance in SO DAMN LUCKY, with a special backstage pass inside Lucky O’Toole’s unusual life.

Her lineage is a hoot, while Lucky’s souring romance, need for love, and mystery to solve make her a loveable and endearing character.  Filled with a cast of characters that you’d love to spend more time with, Deborah Coonts gives us a promising romance, laughs, and a true mystery to solve.

While SO DAMN LUCKY is a standalone title, you’ll want to read the other novels in the series, WANNA GET LUCKY (May 2010) and LUCKY STIFF (February 2011).


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