by Margaret Daley

Publisher: Abingdon Press

Published: March 1, 2012

Format: Paperback (336 pages)

ISBN: 9781426714283

Origin: Publisher through netGalley (egalley)

***Though the publisher provides the free ebook, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Kate Winslow is the director of Beacon of Hope School, but her charges are not just her students, much to her wealthy family’s dismay.  These children have endured more in their short lives tan any child should, but Kate takes them in, gives them hope, counseling, safety, and schooling. 

One of her current students, Rose, is the ideal success story.  She’s turning her life around and wants to help others do the same.  In Rose, Kate sees a wonderful transformation, and she prays her other students can realize this same change.  Unfortunately, this director knows she could lose some of the girls back to the streets; it’s happened before.   

However, when Rose goes missing, the school’s only van disappears.  Could this girl whose made so much progress have gone back to her pimp?

Texas Ranger Wyatt Sheridan is part of the Child Rescue Task Force.  This group of law enforcement professionals, consisting of Texas Rangers, FBI, and other agencies, must tackle child prostitution and human trafficking; Wyatt and his team try to make a difference in the lives of these endangered children.  

A body is uncovered, and he gets the call.  Soon, he arrives on scene, and Wyatt discovers the girl had been reported missing.  She’s found.  Dead.

This kid was the same age as his daughter, and he always fears this could happen to his own. As a widowed father of a fourteen-year-old girl, Wyatt knows how easy it would be for her to trust the wrong person or become prey for them.  Already loosing his wife to a criminal’s hand, this ranger couldn’t lose her too.  And while he gives thanks for the safety of his daughter, he never loses the chill of knowing he could be the parent on the other end of any notification.

Nevertheless, he won’t let these thoughts tie him in knots; instead, the worries push him to work harder at getting these predators behind bars and unable to hurt any other children.

In this case, an abandoned vehicle is still at the scene, but when this vehicle is registered to a local school and hasn’t been reported as stolen, he needs to find out why.  Could other resident students been in danger there?

My Take:

SAVING HOPE by Margaret Daley is a book I recommend. 

The author makes the reader’s heart pound as they know each character’s circumstance, but their suspense builds along with the danger.

Margaret Daley’s SAVING HOPE encompasses a fast-moving plot that not only deals with one of today’s very real issues, it showcases how these kids can overcome it and how adults can help them through it. Despite the seriousness of the topics, the author weaves a satisfying romance that keeps you in love with these characters. 

After reading this title, you’ll run to order THE MEN OF TEXAS RANGERS (Book 2) as soon as it releases. 


4 responses to “SAVING HOPE

  1. This book seems really interesting to me as a survivor of trafficking myself. A couple questions for you though… 1) how did you first hear of this book and 2) I take it that the book is a fictional account based on real stories, is that correct?

    Thanks for the review!

    • 9to20, to my knowledge, this book and story is not based upon any true stories nor does it fictionalize anything real; Saving Hope is a work of fiction. I’ve read and enjoyed this author’s books for a long time!

  2. SAVING HOPE sounds like a fabulous story. You can count on a Margaret Daley book capturing your mind and your heart.

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