by: M. William Phelps              

Publisher: Kensington  

Published: February 28, 2012        

Format: Hardcover (320 pages)      

ISBN: 9780758273383            

Origin: Publisher

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

In NEVER SEE THEM AGAIN, the author gives the true accounts of July 18, 2003 in a suburb of Houston.

M. William Phelps starts his story just before four young adults or teens bodies are found, but it doesn’t take him long to arrive at the horrific scene. All police know, at the time, is that these kids were found dead, and the scene was a bloody rampage, execution style kills.

However, the lead detective notices that all shots were hits, without strays or misses. Almost too perfect.

The other variables seeming easy to add was that this scene has possible drug connections. In addition, the scene screamed at investigators that the shooter was a known and trusted entity to the victims, easily determined without force entry and some victim’s backs facing their shooter. They had trust in the wrong person.

However, the hardest detail to understand is why one victim, Rachel Koloroutis, suffered the most. And she did suffer.

Rachel Koloroutis was brutally beaten and shot in her female reproductive organ, among many other places. Meanwhile the other occupants of the home are dead, but they sustained much less in the way of physical injury. Tiffany Rowell had been shot numerous times, and her boyfriend, Marcus Ray Preccella suffered some blunt force head injuries with execution style bullets. Marcus’ cousin, Adelbert Nicholas Sanchez, suffered execution style and other shootings.

What the police did not have and the crime scene refused to tell them was why or who.

Given that this crime happened during the day, it was just as frustrating to discover not a neighbor or friend heard anything. With the enormous amount of spent shells in and around the scene, it is hard to believe that no one heard a sound.

My Take:

M. William Phelps’ meticulous documentation helps him walk his readers through the scene, the investigation, and the trial. Even if given who, the readers will need to know why, and the answer to that is something you will never guess.

In NEVER SEE THEM AGAIN, you will find exactly what the police find as they find it, and you’ll know every step of the investigation, as if you were there while it happens. This true crime thriller will keep you glued to your seat and turning pages. You will almost feel the interrogator’s frustration, and you’ll feel the coolness of the suspect, as if you were sitting in the room.

Sadly, NEVER SEE THEM AGAIN is not fiction; the murders in this book are all too true.

Though it reads like any novel, M. William Phelps keeps your mind focused on these young victims and their families throughout so that we can never forget their names or their lost lives.  Here are more true crime thrillers by M. William Phelps: DEATH TRAP (March 2010), LOVE HER TO DEATH (March 2011), and others. 


5 responses to “NEVER SEE THEM AGAIN

  1. Awesome review Eleanor. The book sounds great. Have to get my hands on it! Thanks for sharing!
    laura thomas

  2. I’m still reading the book, tho normally I would have finished it in a day. So far I will say I approve that the author has tried to bring the victims to life. I was dreading reading this book, did not want to, but felt compelled. The author also left out information not relevant to the case, tho he hints at things and I think is wrong. He also, so far, hasn’t bothered to even mention other people who were affected deeply, like one victim’s brother (not even mentioned to exist). I have so much more to add but I won’t, other than this is billed as a “nonfiction thriller” and it is not a thriller, it is a horrible tragedy. My prayers to the families. Ann, George, “Lelah” and so many others went through sheer hell.

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