by: Joanne Fluke              

Publisher: Kensington  

Published: February 28, 2012        

Format: Hardcover (304 pages)      

ISBN: 9780758234933            

Series: A Hannah Swensen  Mystery with Recipes

Origin: Publisher

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Hannah and her sister, Michelle, are driving Minnesota’s slick roads in a cookie truck, while moving over to allow the more impatient drivers pass. Up ahead, brake lights appear to alert them of disaster, but the crunch of metal and the smashing of glass foreshadow a multi-car pile up!

While Hannah and Michelle rush to help, they spot an overturned bus and realize the bus belongs to the band called, The Cinnamon Roll Six. With the bus driver as the only fatality and the drummer with a possible broken wrist, most occupants of the bus have minor bumps and bruises, until the band visits the hospital.

Buddy Nieman’s broken wrist is the least of his problems because someone stabs him dead with a pair of surgical scissors, and now, the bus driver’s overdose of heart medication seems like murder too.

My Take:

In CINNAMON ROLL MURDER, Joanne Fluke delivers another tasty cozy with sweet recipes that will keep you reading and baking!

Those of you who already love Hannah Swensen will devour this book and her tasty treats, and those readers who are just meeting Hannah will develop a longstanding reading relationship with Joanne Fluke.

Although this title stands alone, you will want to catch some of the other mouth-watering titles starring Hannah Swensen such as DEVIL’S FOOD CAKE MURDER (Kensington February 2012) or Joanne Fluke’s LAKE EDEN COOKBOOK (Kensington September 2011) among many others.


4 responses to “CINNAMON ROLL MURDER

  1. Yes, I do adore this series! Now I’m so excited to read this one.

  2. Ok, this is really stupid but I laughed my head when I saw the title.I’m severely allergic to cinnamon and have joked that someone could kill me by locking me in a room filled with cinnamon. I was all excited when I saw the title, how disappointing that the “cinnamon rolls” are a band, 😦 Still, I may pick it up just for grins. 😀

    • BeaCharmed, there ARE cinnamon rolls in the story! In fact, they were made for a venue the band was playing at, but these rolls end up being served to the band at the hospital, instead of their fans. Moreover, these rolls sound like the closest you can come near to such a sweet treat.:-(

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